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Why Rafael Nadal’s positive attitude shines more than others on tennis resuming?



Rafael Nadal

From today, I’ve tried to make a change and stay positive counting the days that go by because less is left. Greetings everyone and cheer up,” Rafael Nadal had said on a video concerning the Pandemic and how it’s diced into the tennis season.


Everyone is dealing with hearing of the sicknesses and lives loss, now some recoveries are coming through. But for the tennis season that was abruptly interrupted by the virus outbreak, the realization didn’t sink in until the cancellations and repeated postponements.

Rafael Nadal

The Indian Wells cancellation was a disappointment to many but Nadal had to withdraw from the semifinal last year due to knee issues. It might have been a painful reminder of what was. The Miami Open cancellation another shock.

But everyone was astonished with Wimbledon being dismissed. It was for Rafa another distasteful reminder of getting blasted out by Roger Federer in the semifinal in four hard-fought sets. It was from all ends that the discouragement started to flow.

Rafael Nadal

Emilio Sanchez, brother of former no. 1 Arantxa Sanchez Vicario said “I don’t think 2020 is possible. There will be no more tennis…” Thenit was the former US Open champion Gabriela Sabatini saying “In the coming months I think it will be difficult to hold any sporting event.”

A comrade of Nadal’s, David Ferrer had even said that “I see it difficult for the season to start this year. Tennis is a global sport and although they are recovering in some countries, it will be worse in others.

Rafael nadal

The former players still in various functions of tennis may have a different outlook but Ferrer had recently retired and says about the situation that “I imagine that waiting and uncertanty is not easy at all and even less for Rafa who is very competitive…”

Another very strong competitor is John Isner who commented in frustration that “With Wimbledon being gone and with New York City…the epicenter of all of this crisis…The US Open is next. And there are countless US Open warm up events as well, so we would need this situation to get better very quickly.”

Rafael Nadal play on court

But for Bianca Andreescu who’s been out since October with knee issues, she may hope the US Open is her last hooray for the year in defending her title, if it happens. Sylvain Bruneau, her coach has said about her issue is”..It has now been so long since she’s played that she finds it difficult each time new cancellations are announced.”

Rafael Nadal has had injuries that have taken him down for months. It’s safe to say presently he isn’t battling ailments that would take him off the court. He has a strong mental stamina which has helped him win championships when it looks as though he would lose.

Rafael Nadal foundation

He can expect to have much positivity dealing with the pause in tournaments now because he is still in the top three ranking positions in the world. It is through hard work and talent he has a heavy championship resume and isn’t feeling the financial instability as players ranked well below him and in the hundreds.

It was years ago that Nadal started the Rafael Nadal Academy in Mallorca and currently other facilities in the world. But what every player has in common is not knowing when the Pandemic will end and tennis will begin again.

Rafael Nadal And Pau Gasol

Teh goal of keeping physically fit is there for everyone but difficult on not having a date you can strive for to go on the court and display your talents. A British coach Calvin Betton had said to the media that “It’s the uncertainty.

Nobody knows when it’s cracking off again…I guess all you can do at that state is try and maintain a level of physical fitness in your house or garden…there’s not much else you can do.”