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Maria Sharapova is impressed by her own popularity after viral tweet



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Is it possible for superstars to be impressed by their own popularity despite having lived under the spotlight for a long time? Apparently, Maria Sharapova still hasn’t gotten used to her success. On April 3, the Russian shared her cell phone number with her Twitter followers and asked them to text her, explaining that a big part of her wish is due to the fact that “we’re all in this separation, this physical-distancing [thing] together”.


Maria Sharapova

The response from the five-time Grand Slam champion’s fans was immediate and the video received over 60,000 views in barely two hours. But leave it to social media to exponentially increase statistics… Not even two days later, Sharapova posted a new message on her account in which she expressed her surprise at the traction generated by her video.

“2.2 million views in 40 hours,” she wrote. Before inserting a GIF of a woman frantically typing on her cell phone keyboard, she added, “My current phone status…”

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To many of the Russian’s fans despair, the number cannot be contacted from outside of the United States.
Many from all over the world have requested that she get WhatsApp or at least that she share a way in which they could reach her. Others, who have been lucky enough to be able to text her, are still waiting for an answer. Four days after being posted, the video had climbed up to over 3.7 million views.

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Mardy Fish to Sharapova: Sheesh Maria. I’m married. Keep it chill!
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Retired tennis stars Maria Sharapova, of Russia, and Mardy Fish, of the United States have shared a very funny exchange on Twitter over the weekend. It all started when the former russian player posted a tweet where she was sending a phone number to fans, with the message, “Not only did I just get a 310 number( hello cool cats🌴)but I’m sharing it with you—Text me!

310-564-7981. For real. Tell me how you’re doing, ask me questions, or just say hello 👋🏼 Any great recipes welcome too” The former american player soon responded with a thinking emoji to which Sharapova responded with the message – “Text Me”

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Fish had the last laugh with the funny response, “Sheesh Maria. I’m married. Keep it chill! 🤣” Sharapova and Fish were both part of the recent World Team Tennis Celebrity All-Star Match in early March.

Maria Sharapova