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“She Was Like Oh My God” – Novak Djokovic Reveals How He Proposed to Jelena



Novak Djokovic & Wife smile

World No.1 Novak Djokovic and his wife Jelena Djokovic revealed how the former made a sweet marriage proposal to Jelena and took her by surprise.


Novak and Jelena are childhood lovers and the latter has been a support system for the tennis star. She has always stood by him in his ups and downs.

Novak Djokovic smiling with wife

The two are the archetypes of relationship goals. Moreover, Djokovic’s perfect wedding proposal is enviable for every other man and a dream for every girl.

“She thought we’re going hiking or something like this but we went for a hot air balloon ride. I arranged another hot air balloon in the distance that when we were coming closer to it, it rises and released the banner sign ‘will you marry me’, said Djokovic on ‘In Depth with Graham Bensinger.

Novak Djokovic and wife walk

Novak Djokovic revealed the panic during his proposal
“I say are we meant to meet another hot-air balloon on our way and he goes like no this is awkward what’s happening,” said Jelena.

Djokovic recalled that the guy who was piloting the hot air balloon was trying to detach and undo this sign that was supposed to be released.

“So there was a panic as the balloon started going down and she was like ‘oh my God’ (as there was a hole in the balloon),” he continued

Djokovic pleaded his pilot to help him as they were missing an opportunity with the two balloons coming closer to each other.

Novak Djokovic and wife sit

“And then the thing goes down and I’m reading it slowly because it’s letter up. I’m like what will you marry me. But I’m like its a commercial? Is he crazy at 7:00 am? Why would want to put a commercial out? It’s not a commercial banner and he’s already down on the knee,” Jelena recalled.

“She keeps on telling me, she knows me so well that I can’t surprise her. But I am really glad that I managed to surprise her that time when I needed to,” Djokovic concluded.

Novak Djokovic & Jelena

According to reports, the event took place in September 2013. Subsequently, Jelena and Novak tied the knot on July 10, 2014. Their wedding took place at the Aman Sveti Stefan resort in Montenegro. Now the two have beautiful kids; older brother Stefan and his younger sister Tara.

We hope to see Jelena and their two kids cheering for the Novak the tennis court soon after the season resumes.

Novak Djokovic look straight

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