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Rafael Nadal Admits To Putting On Weight During Quarantine



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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the ATP tour has been suspended. Tennis players are now sitting at home and trying to keep themselves fit through some home workouts. They are trying to be ready for when the ATP tour resumes. For Rafael Nadal, this is not going as expected



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Rafael Nadal Has Gained Some Weight
Rafael Nadal made an appearance on the Spanish sports radio program. The above tweet is a translation of what he said on the program. Apparently, one of the fittest people on the ATP tour has put on a little weight as he has been forced to stay at home.
Rafael Nadal with doctor

Rafael Nadal said there has been a slight weight-gain even though he is doing all of his exercises. He has assured all of his fans that it is under control. So, When the ATP tour returns we can expect Rafa to be completely fit to win some titles.

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Speaking of the ATP tour, I am sure every tennis fan reading this will be asking one question – when is the ATP tour going to resume? Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to this question because the situation with the coronavirus is not getting better.

Rafael Nadal

the ATP tour suspension has been extended not once but twice. It has officially canceled the Wimbledon for the first time since World War 2. If the situation does not get better in the near future it is likely we will not see any tennis in 2020. I am sure no tennis fan wants that to happen.

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Rafael Nadal certainly does not want that. He wants to have the opportunity to equal Roger Federer‘s record of 20 grand slams. If the situation with the virus gets better, he will have that opportunity in July and I am sure he will lose the weight he gained by then.

Rafael Nadal