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Alexa Bliss throws FIRE in Randy Orton’s eyes on WWE RAW



WWE fans love Alexa Bliss' 'awesome' new spooky look

Yes, Randy Orton appeared to burn The Fiend to a crisp at the final PPV event of 2020 and we haven’t seen Bray Wyatt, the man behind the character, sinceWWE’s logic behind this goes back to 2017 where Orton, who had turned on Wyatt after being Tag Team champions with him, burned down Wyatt’s house – if you can call it that in the swamp – and traumatising the third-generation wrestler.

A story that was years in the making played out at TLC, but even in The Fiend’s absence, Alexa Bliss has been carrying on the story.

Bliss got close with The Fiend in the final few months of 2020 and on RAW, she seemed to exhibit some of his ‘powers’ too.

Take a look at how WWE had Bliss shoot fire into the eyes of Randy Orton below:WWE have a long history with fire, particularly in regards to Kane and The Undertaker, especially the former.

Bliss has been on a roll since turning into this darker version of herself and according to the bookmakers, she’s in with a good shout of winning the Women’s Royal Rumble next month.

Orton has been a solid fixture of WWE TV since 2002 and it’s quite incredible he’s been a main event player for around 18 years now after winning his first world title in 2004.

bliss and randy

It certainly appears as though WWE used some special effects to pull this off when you watch the clips they posted online. CGI sure has come a long way!

The story between Orton and The Fiend sure seems to have legs left in it and it could be that Wyatt will return around the Royal Rumble, which is on January 31.

Still, it’s widely believe that come WrestleMania, Orton will be working with Edge once again to finish off their trilogy.