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Venus Williams finally getting married soon?



Venus Williams tennis star


Venus Williams, at 41 years-old, is still one of the greatest tennis players of this era. Despite her health problems, despite her advancing age, she still proved to be competitive at excellent levels.



Venus is very active on social media ans she regularly hosts live training sessions on Instagram, as colleagues but also with other people, as she recently did with her brother-in-law Alexis Ohanian, husband of her sister Serena Williams.



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Venus recently received questions from fans of her regarding an upcoming possible fan wedding. She said: “I get a lot of questions asking me if I’m married, I’m getting married or if I’m getting married soon.



The answer is NO to all of them,” Venus Williams posted on Instagram a few days ago. Venus is not married: some time ago she separated from her boyfriend Nicholas Hammond after dating him for two years.



They were spotted along with the marriage of Venus’ sister Serena Williams to Alexis Ohanian. Additionally, she has been seen cheering on Venus during tournaments. Before Hammond, Venus was in a relationship with Elio Pis and Hank Kuehne.

Venus Williams Engagement Ring

Venus Williams Engagement Ring


Venus Williams’ career

Former number one in the WTA rankings in 2002 and doubles in 2010, she is considered one of the greatest tennis players in history and was the first African American woman of the Open Era to occupy the first position in the world ranking, which she maintained for a total of eleven non-consecutive weeks.

Venus and Serena Williams on white

She boasts 7 victories in the Grand Slam women’s singles out of 16 finals and a total of 83 finals played in this specialty.

She also has 14 Grand Slam doubles wins with her younger sister Serena Williams and two in mixed doubles.

In the decade 2000-2010 she is the player to have won the most at Wimbledon, with 5 wins out of 8 finals and is one of the five tennis players to have won 5 or more in the Open Era. She excels at chard-courts surfaces and in grass-courts.

Venus Williams final goodbye

She is also the only tennis player in history, besides Helen Wills and her sister Serena, to have won the Olympics in both specialties (singles and doubles) in the same edition, that of 2000.

In 2012, with the victory at the Olympic Games in London in doubles, Venus has become the most gold medal player in history, along with Serena, thanks to her four medals.

In 2016 she also won the silver medal in mixed doubles paired with countryman Rajeev Ram.