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Serena Williams cooks in Snow White costume as she cheekily reveals it doesn’t fit in fun TikTok video



Serena Williams

Serena Williams returned to TikTok with another video in a hilarious costume, after making her debut on the app talking about her anxiety in a tutu last month.


In the new footage in her kitchen, the 38-year-old tennis superstar looks cheerful in a Snow White costume, while preparing a snack.

Serena Williams tik tok

‘Hello, I’m back,’ she sang, before turning around to reveal her princess dress couldn’t zip up. ‘I’m going to stick this in the microwave for two minutes.’

‘Speaking of backs, my dress doesn’t fit in the back,’ she joked in a chipper voice, as she spun around with her hair in a long ponytail.

Serena Williams and daughter smile

To further draw eyes to the ill-fitted garment, she dubbed herself ‘Snow back’ on Instagram.

Her latest TikTok, which she reposted to Instagram, is the follow up to a string of videos in March, which addressed her mental health struggles under quarantine.

Williams is currently isolating with her two-year-old daughter Alexis Olympia and husband Alexis Ohanian, who she married in 2017.

Serena Williams

‘I’m just on edge any time anyone sneezes around me or coughs I get crazy. And I don’t hang out with anyone. So when I say anyone I mean my daughter,’ she said on TikTok last month.

The 23-time grand slam singles champion admitted that she does not ‘know what to do, so instead of being relaxed’ she has placed herself ‘under a ton of stress.’

Serena Williams in leather suit

‘I never expected to be relaxed but it is what it is and we’ll get through this, we have to,’ said Serena. ‘I just wanted to update you on what I was doing.’

Nearly a week prior to her candid TikToks, Williams took to her Instagram page to briefly speak to her 12.2million followers about what she planned to accomplish during quarantine.

Serena Williams

‘Spending the next 6 weeks in solitude. Being a wife. Being a mom. Cooking. Cleaning. Spring cleaning. Face mask. Makeup tutorials. I’ll let you know how it goes,’ she said in the brief video clip.