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“I Had A Difficult Week” – Rafael Nadal–All You Need To Know–



Rafael Nadal in thought

Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal has voiced the thoughts that are currently going in the minds of millions of people around the world. For a world that is habitually conditioned to stay outdoors, the sudden imposition of lockdowns has been having a devastating mental impact.


Rafael Nadal walking

After a point of time, boredom and lethargy kick in. Especially for people who need to do something in order to feel ticking. However, the Coronavirus pandemic requires you to stay indoors for the service of humanity.

Rafael Nadal

While each of us is cognizant of our responsibility, every once in awhile the anxiety starts kicking in. Rafael Nadal explained that we’re not alone. Let’s find out what the Spanish tennis star had to say about the issue.

What did Rafael Nadal say?
Rafael Nadal explained that we need to be positive and patient. He believed that the bad times will end sooner rather than later. Once again, the world will come back to its natural pace of action.

Rafael Nadal

“I had a difficult week, I had no illusion to get out of my bed. But I’m feeling better now, I think positive and I want to help people who are having a really hard time”.

“I believe beings can adapt to everything and I am getting better with this situation … also the news is starting to get better”

David Ferrer and Rafael Nadal

We all need to listen to these intelligent words of Rafael Nadal. Obviously, we all are suffering from the devastating effects of the Coronavirus. However, at the same time there are many who are less privileged than us and for whom even arranging for food has become a difficulty.

Rafael Nadal

As a community, we need to take care of these weaker sections of the society. Rafael Nadal has already led by personal example through his collaboration with the Red Cross. We all need to step up our own efforts now.

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