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Maria Sharapova reflects on her new life after retirement–All You Need To Know–



Maria Sharapova

One of the great icons of tennis history, Maria Sharapova, Take advantage of this confinement to continue taking steps in your new life away from the tennis courts.


In the pages of the ‘Wall Street Journal’, the former Russian tennis player, champion of five Grand Slam titles, contributes her vision as a tennis player and businesswoman, acknowledging that for much of her career she thought about what her life would be like after tennis, preparing for it .

– A withdrawal, always difficult, but before the arrival of the Covid-19.
Maria Sharapova

“Looking back, my retreat came at a great time, because if I was active I would be sitting here saying, ‘When do I train?’, ‘What do I train for?’ There are many question marks around sport in general right now. From my perspective it has been really good to have this moment of reflection, to look back 28 years when I started, what it meant to me, and to remember everything. “

– ‘Masha’ now invests his time in continuing to work on his personal brand and develop possible businesses.
Maria Sharapova

“Thinking back and the time it took me to become a champion in my sport, it took me over 10 years to play the first professional tournament, so whatever I decide to do next will take time. I am using this time. at home to work and take advantage of it. “

“You can work as hard as you can, you can be a very talented athlete, but you make the wrong decision and end your career. I know what it’s like to go through those peaks and valleys. As I looked into my future I realized, probably at the end of my adolescence, that there were also other things in my life that would interest me. I was always working to see what my future would be like after tennis. “

Maria Sharapova face side

– The need to cultivate and learn other things outside of tennis, very important.

“I was always better when I had only one priority to accomplish during the day. When I was off the court, that was the time when I knew I couldn’t put in more mental or physical effort after giving it my all, and that I was also eager to learn and I was curious about other things.

Maria Sharapova

I didn’t know where it would take me, and I didn’t know exactly what my other passions would be, but it was important to me because it kept my mind fresh when I got back on the court. “

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