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German Footballer Joshua Kimmich Praises Roger Federer And Rafael Nadal



Roger federer With german

FC Bayern Munich recently posted a video on YouTube where they interviewed one of their players – German footballer Joshua Kimmich. In the interview, Joshua had a lot to say about tennis and tennis players like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Check out what he said.


Joshua Kimmich On Roger Federer
In the interview, Joshua Kimmich talked about tennis and how since 2016 he has played tennis very often in his free time. He said that he used to play tennis occasionally but never learned to play from a young age. He has a lot of respect for the sport and believes that mentally, anyone who plays tennis is a monster.

Joshua then went on to talk about Roger Federer and said,

Roger Federer with shoes

“Roger Federer impresses me a lot. He represents elegance, class, and is a role model. He is also a gentleman and a fair competitor. Those are just things I enjoy. The fact that someone so successful feels very little envy, it is almost as though everybody likes him. I like Rafael Nadal too.”

Joshua is not the only person to talk about Roger Federer this way. So many people around the world look at Roger this way and this is why he is considered one of the greatest players of all time and possibly the GOAT of tennis.

Roger Federer

A record that will play a key role in deciding the GOAT of tennis is – the most Grand Slam titles. Roger Federer has held this record for quite a while but it does not look like he will hold it any longer because of Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

After successful 2019s, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic have come very close to equaling Roger’s record. Rafa is one grand slam away while Novak is 3 grand slams away. This is not good news for Roger who does not have age on his side in this race.

Roger Federer voted champion

I am sure Roger is thinking about this a lot and is probably training very hard right now. When the ATP Tour returns from its suspension, we can expect Roger to sweep some more Majors and extend his lead in the race to become the GOAT of tennis.

WATCH: When Roger Federer Battled A Housefly For A Nike Advertisement
Roger Federer support

Roger Federer shocked everyone when he ended his decades-long partnership with Nike in 2018. He made the switch to a hitherto unknown Japanese brand called Uniqlo in a deal that was worth $300 million.

While Roger discontinued wearing Nike gear on the court, he decided to leave one part untouched. This was interesting considering that he would now be sporting two brands. Roger Federer had decided to continue wearing Nike shoes which was seen as an advertisement for their quality.

Roger Federer looking out

Back in 2013, Roger did one of the most popular ads for Nike shoes. This advertisement was interestingly shot inside the lavish mansion of Federer. Let’s find out what this Roger Federer advertisement was about.

What did Roger Federer do in the advertisement?
Roger Federer was seen entering his house as he looked to relax. However, there was an uninvited visitor.

A fly sat on his glass window as Roger rushed to get rid of it. He put in all his body’s might. However, despite all the effort, he wasn’t able to match its pace.

Roger Federer

This forced Federer to turn to his best possible weapon. He unleashed his amazingly flexible Nike Free trainer 5.0 sneakers to get rid of the fly. This allowed him to get the job done finally.

Roger Federer with shoes

The Swiss star also has his own shoe brand called ‘On’. This has allowed him to use his creativity in creating the best footwear possible. Despite various rumours, he still hasn’t made the shift to his own shoe brand and prefers Nike.

He recently acquired the rights to his legendary “RF” logo which was earlier property of Nike. However, it hasn’t made a return to his kit. Things seem to going in the direction where Roger Federer may finally say goodbye to Nike once and for all and finally switch to a different brand.