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David Ferrer defends Rafael Nadal and gives advice to Nick Kyrgios



Rafael Nadal and David Ferrer

A year after his last official match on the ATP circuit, the one against Alexander Zverev in the second round of the Mutua Madrid Open 2019, David Ferrer gave a long interview with Radio Marca.


The Spaniard, the current organizer of the prestigious ATP 500 in Barcelona, ​​took the opportunity to defend his compatriot Rafael Nadal from the criticisms that had rained against him in recent days.

“It hurts me very much that an athlete cannot give his opinion. I do not like criticism with demagoguery. I do not like the insult, you can agree with an athlete or not, but not deny him that he expresses himself. I know Rafa Nadal and his family and it hurts.

He is a very coherent person. What happens? That his opinion is worth less than that of the others? It only lacks that he could not say what he is thinking” – ‘Ferru’ said. The former World number 3 also reflected on Nick Kyrgios: “When I was young, I was a little bit like Nick Kyrgios.

Rafael Nadal and Nick snap

I understand that there are things that he can and should improve on. I hope he can change and become a more hardworking and respectful player in the future.” Professional tennis is still waiting to know when it can start again following the pandemic that has afflicted the whole world.

David Ferrer and Rafael Nadal

The expected date would be July 13th, but it is very unlikely that he will resume playing before August. In mid-June, the USTA is expected to communicate its decision regarding the holding of the US Open. The French Open is expected to take place in late September.

Rafael Nadal Reflects On His First Day Of Training

Rafael Nadal

The coronavirus pandemic impacted the world in many negative ways. To fight against this pandemic, Spanish superstar Rafael Nadal has directed his focus towards relief efforts for those affected by it. This took up a ton of his time, but now, he’s finally found the time to train. Check out what he said about his first day in training.

In an interview with La Voz De Galicia, Nadal revealed he had trained for the first time in a while. He also revealed that he hasn’t been training at his academy and went on to explain why. He said,

Rafael Nadal

“I’ve been able to train in a private house because I’m not sure if I can go to the academy. So I preferred to avoid confusion and go train at a friend’s private country house, which has a lead and left it to me.”

Rafa also talked about some restrictions that were in place because of the pandemic and how things are actually getting better.

“Luckily it seems that little by little we are containing this disaster. Since yesterday we can go for a walk, something so simple that we always take it for granted but we enjoy it again.”

Rafael Nadal

Everyone is feeling the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. People are now stuck in their homes and the worst part is that they have no tennis to keep them entertained. Hopefully, that won’t be the case for much longer since the development of a vaccine is well underway.

If a vaccine is developed, that will mean the return of the ATP Tour soon. This is something Rafael Nadal will definitely be hoping for as he wants to be the GOAT of tennis. To reach this goal, Nadal has to hold one record – the most Grand Slam titles.

Rafael Nadal with racket

Swiss maestro, Roger Federer, currently holds the record with a cool 20 Grand Slam titles. However, Rafa is just one Major away from equaling said record. The Spaniard will desperately want the opportunity to reach this goal this year and, hopefully, he will get it.