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WATCH: Olympia is Ready to Follow In Her Famous Mom’s Footsteps



serena williams and olympia in court

The 23-time Grand Slam champion took to her Instagram story this week to share the news that she enrolled her three-year-old daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian, Jr., in her first tennis lesson.



“I signed Olympia up for tennis lessons,” she said in a video clip Thursday. “Don’t even start with me because I’m not giving her tennis lessons. I signed her up for some, but the lady has no idea that it’s my daughter, so we’ll see how that goes.”

Williams went on to explain, “I’m not a pushy mom but I know how I like techniques, so I want to make sure she’s good at teaching Olympia some techniques.”

In a clip on Friday morning, Williams showed how she was preparing Olympia for the court, showing her footage from one of her previous matches.

“Watching some film before our tennis lesson,” she explained, sitting side by side with her daughter while narrating what was happening on her computer screen.

French serena williams at RG Open

Williams also showed off both her colorful “tennis mom outfit” and Olympia’s black-and-white top and skirt combo in her story ahead of Olympia’s tennis lesson.

In her latest story, Williams shared one last video clip after dropping her daughter off at the lesson, explaining, “So she’s at her tennis lesson, but I’m going to leave so I’m not distracting. I know how to leave and be. I’m not an overprotective mom, no matter what Alexis says.”

Olympia had a chance to see her mom in action recently, cheering her on with her dad, Alexis Ohanian, during the U.S. Open in September.

Serena Williams

In a viral video clip, Olympia pointed to her mom on the court and waved, while exclaiming “Mama!” Williams excitedly waved back from the court and Olympia was all smiles in her dad’s arms.

Back in November 2019, Williams told Hoda Kotb that her daughter is the “best thing” that has ever happened to her. “Just having a child, and being able to have a child, having a healthy kid, is the best thing that’s going to me,” she said.

serena williams and olympia in court

“We love twinning. She’s so funny. She’s the best. And you know, I just never thought about it, what it would be like to be a mom and then … I kinda just jumped into it without knowing what to expect or what to do and it’s been by far, the best thing I’ve ever been a part of.”

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