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Serena Williams Puts Her Booty On Full Display For Her Fashion Line



SERENA WILLIAMS fashion line

Serena Williams really knows how to promote her fashion line. The 39-year-old tennis champ Williams posted a bouncy video Wednesday to her Instagram to promote her “S by Serena” fashion line.


The video starts off with Serena walking away from the camera in slow motion, really showing off the tennis star’s bodacious booty. Wearing her python print jump suit she captioned the promo with, “The Yvonne Python Wide Leg Cropped Jumpsuit from our August collection just landed @Serena. Don’t miss out.”

Serena Williams smiles

It didn’t take long for fans to react to the sexy advertisement, skyrocketing to 1 million likes in about two hours.

Her BFF, Gigi Hadid was quick to notice, commenting on the post with a string of astonished emojis.

“@serena the cake is beautiful OMG the slow motion.” said one admirer.

Serena Williams butt

“I’m the only one who was looking at her,” another fan quipped.

Williams studied fashion in the early 2000s at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

“It wasn’t something that was done, like you can’t focus on two things,” she recalled to the outlet. “But I really liked fashion and wanted to learn, and I didn’t want my career to stop. I knew one day I wanted to create this brand that would be for people that have different aspirations and want to be fierce at the same time.”

SERENA WILLIAMS fashion line

Whatever Serena’s doing … we are here for it.

“S by Serena” is the star’s third foray into the fashion world, after previous lines — 2004’s Aneres (“Serena” spelled backwards) and a recent Home Shopping Network line called Serena Signature Statement — failed to catch steam.

She explained, “I tried it before and it didn’t work. Then I sat down and invested in myself and really put a really good effort behind it. Now I really get to express myself.”

She added, “I get to see how you can wear fashion so many different ways and how you can represent yourself. I have this whole big vision of what S by Serena is going to be.”