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Serena Williams Has A Hilarious Response To NBA Legend Dwyane Wade’s Comments



Dwayne Johnson and Serena Williams

Finding one’s picture in memes is one of the common things that famous people deal with today. Going one step ahead, former American basketball player Dwyane Wade uploaded his hilarious picture which also stars tennis great Serena Williams.



Wade is the all-time leader of Miami Heat’s many records. He won 3 NBA championships with them and gained ‘The Flash’ title for his electric speed and resistance. Now, he humors the netizens with a photo where his hairstyle is portrayed as a tennis ball.

“Honestly I thought it was a tennis ball”: Serena Williams
It all started when the 38-year-old American shared a picture with his daughter Kaavia. The ingenious mind took the image as a new project and found a perfect partner to go with his hairstyle. Who would go well with a tennis ball other than the 23 time Grand Slam winner herself?

Many famous names lined themselves up in the comments section. While the caption itself read ‘who did this?’ marking Serena, a reply from the 4 Olympic Gold medal winner became necessary. See the innovation for yourself.

The 13 time NBA All-Star winner has an extensive following on the social media platforms, and this has caused a riot. On seeing the creative post, Williams commented, “Honestly I thought it was a tennis ball.”

In addition to her comment, she also shared the image for her fans to see.

Williams also adds an Instagram Story mocking Wade

It is not often that famous icons share a light moment over a meme. However, Dwyane has set a new norm and Serena has joined irrevocably. Her recent Instagram story saw her enjoying creativity over the retired basketball player’s hairdo.

“I just saw neon green,” Serena wrote on her Instagram story along with the picture. It will be a definitive cause for some chuckles in the coming days.

The American tennis champion is confident to take on 2021 Australian Open, even at 39. Serena is hoping to level with Margaret Court’s all-time major titles record of 24.