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“I Need To Rely On My Clothes”- Roger Federer Explains Advantages Of Uniqlo In Marathon Matches



Roger Federer

Roger Federer had some sad news for all his fans recently. The Swiss star had announced a prolonged break from active tennis that would see him miss several tournaments including the Sunshine double and the Roland Garros.

This was because he required surgery in his knee. However, when you’re an athlete who’s as huge as Federer, it is impossible for you to miss the limelight.

Federer was recently seen in a promotional video for Uniqlo- the Japanese brand which has grown around his image. In the latest video, Federer explained how Uniqlo’s DRY EX gear helps him in tackling marathon matches.

Roger was recently seen in these long and gruelling battles at the Australian Open. In fact, his match against John Millman went on for four hours and five sets. Roger emerged as the winner at the end despite all the questions raised around his age and fitness.

Roger Federer
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Let’s learn from Roger himself how his clothing compliments his efforts in these matches.

What Did Roger Federer Say?
In the promotional video, this is what Federer had to say about the benefits of Uniqlo DRY EX-

“Well, I think the fabric is really important for me when I play. It needs to absorb the sweat really quickly, especially in a long, gruelling match. I need to rely on my clothes and my equipment and my material. I think DRY EX does exactly that. Smooth, feels good, and I really feel good in it, so I’m comfortable.”

Roger Federer

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Roger Federer went on to describe how the product is not just for a sporting environment. This is how the sports utility gear can be utilized in other situations as well that don’t really pertain to matches –

“Well, I’d wear DRY EX products when I’m going to the press conference. Like a Polo or like a hooded jacket when I’m travelling. It’s a nice comfortable material and I feel really good on all facets.”

Would you buy the Uniqlo DRY EX after Roger Federer’s endorsement?

Roger Federer Reveals The Reasons Behind Basing His Foundation Majorly in Africa
Roger Federer

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he Swiss legend Roger Federer has a close connection with the nation of South Africa. His roots trace out to the South African nation as his mother Lynette Federer hails from that beautiful region.

The Roger Federer Foundation is majorly spread in the continent of Africa, which supports the education of underprivileged children. Recently, he reveals the influences to base the rock bottom of his foundation in Africa.

“It makes sense that we have focused the foundation on Africa because it is South African. As I moved from the juniors circuit to the ATP,” he said.

“I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by the right people, who showed me the way. Marc Rosset, coach Peter Lundgren and Peter Carter, who looked after me like a little brother. But of course also my parents. Commitment to Africa became a matter,” Federer told L’Illustré.

Roger Federer with todlers

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The Roger Federer Foundation in Switzerland
The foundation is put up in the African countries namely Botswana, Zambia, Namibia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. Also, his foundation is based in his home country of Switzerland. And the organization is also pretty active in the European continent.

“Yes, I care about that too,” Roger Federer on the Swiss foundation. “A lot of people believe that everyone is fine here. We must not forget the children from underprivileged backgrounds.”

“In Africa, the idea of focusing on the southern region is also linked to a question of cost. Like all the countries the foundation here, the organization does not waste money unnecessarily on administrative costs. And here in the south of the continent, we have found that here is a real need for support in education,” he added.

Roger Federer gift

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On the men’s tennis track, World Number three Roger Federer has been ruled out from five ATP tournaments pertaining to his right knee surgery last week in Switzerland.

Consequently, Federer will fall out of the top five ATP rankings as he’ll be failing to defend the tournament points from last year. He will be back in action during the grass-court tour in June. Federer will resume his ATP ventures at Halle Open 2020 followed by Wimbledon in London, UK.

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