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Roger Federer Posts “Pre-Mirka” Picture With Outrageous Hairstyle



Roger Federer and wife teen

If there has been one person who has been supporting us with positive vibes throughout the lockdown, it has to be Roger Federer. The Swiss star has constantly used his social media to instil hope in the hearts of his followers.



Roger Federer and wife in suit

While urging them to stay indoors and maintain social distancing norms, he has been posting tennis videos as well as little challenges. In fact, one of his viral challenges was tried out by stars such as Hugh Jackman and Bear Grylls. The latest Instagram post of Roger was a throwback with a little positive message.

Roger Federer and wife walk

Roger Federer with wife

This picture of Roger Federer certainly had his fans drooling all over it. The usually suave Roger Federer gave us a little historical peek into his dressing sense. Let’s find out more about this picture.

Roger Federer with movie star

What is so special about the picture posted by Roger Federer?
Roger Federer posted a picture that goes back to his teenage days. According to the Swiss star himself, this was the first time that he ever sported a tie. Considering the pro-level formal clothing that he wears now, it is not difficult to believe that Roger was handsomely dressed since his youth.

Roger Federer & wife

The other funny aspects of Roger’s caption included a reference to his wife. He adequately captioned the photo as being “pre-Mirka“. Maybe, Roger was trying to suggest that he’s not looking so good because his perfect dressing partner was not around that time.

Roger Federer and wife

However, Roger’s main message was that good days are lying ahead for the tennis fans. The most eye-catching element of the picture was the weird hairstyle being sported by Roger Federer. The blonde streak certainly gave an extra edge to the Swiss maestro.

Roger Federer with Mirka Federer

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