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Maria Sharapova Reveals A Surprising Career Detail After Retirement – All You Need to Know –



Maria Sharapova

The Russian tennis sensation Maria Sharapova had a long and illustrious career. Breaking onto the big stage at a young age, Maria was head and shoulders above her contemporaries for the majority of her career.

Post her retirement, people are talking about interesting details from her career. One such detail was revealed by a fan on Twitter. Surprisingly, Maria corroborated the same with a reply.

What was the detail and how did the interaction ensue? Let’s find out.

What did Maria Sharapova reveal?

Maria Sharapova

Sharapova has been showered with love from her fans who have been shocked ever since she announced her retirement.

One fan revealed on Twitter that Maria has never broken a racquet on the court in her career. This is what the fan wrote –

“Can we also talk about the fact that Maria hasn’t broken a racquet in 18 years of career? Tennis is so frustrating and she’s always managed to control herself so well.”

Maria went on to reply to the said tweet. She confirmed that she hadn’t broken any racquet on the court ever! In a sport, where breaking your racquet is the most common means of expressing anger, Maria’s amazing restraint certainly comes as a welcome surprise.

Maria Sharapova playing

However, Sharapova revealed that she had let her anger get the better of herself in practice. The only place that she’s ever resorted to breaking racquets was during warm-up. In fact, Maria added that it actually felt good to break racquets.

Well, this is another reason that you need to respect Sharapova for. In a sport that works so much on marginal differences, being emotionally composed is one of the greatest challenges for a player. However, Sharapova has managed to lead by example for all these years.

Let’s hope that this tremendous quality helps her in her post-retirement life too.

Maria Sharapova was one of the most successful tennis players ever – both on and off the court
Maria Sharapova

There are many ways to measure Maria Sharapova’s success: Five grand slam titles, 36 career wins, a former No. 1 ranking in the world. But those impressive achievements don’t match up with the success she accumulated in her bank account.

Sharapova, who announced her retirement Wednesday at the age of 32, leaves as one of the top-earning athletes in her sport, male or female, and one of the richest female athletes in history.

Her career earnings on the court reached $38.8 million, according to the Women’s Tennis Association. That makes her the third-highest earning female athlete ever after Serena Williams and her sister Venus. Their winnings stand at $92.7 million and $41.8 million, respectively.

While No. 4 earner Simona Halep, at $36.5 million, is likely to pass Sharapova soon, she is expected to stay among the top 10 earning women tennis players for the immediate future, given how many top positions on the earnings list are held by retired players.

Maria Sharapova

And tennis is the most lucrative sport for women players. The top career earner in the Ladies Professional Golf Association history is Annika Sorenstam, who earned $22.6 million before she retired 12 years ago.

Sharapova’s earnings are also among the highest in her sport. Only five men — Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray and Pete Sampras — have made more.

But Sharapova did even better off the court, with a number of sponsorship deals.
The biggest sponsorship came, as it does for many athletes, from Nike, with whom she had a deal worth a reported $70 million over eight years.

But she also had deals with Porsche, Evian water, Tag Heuer, and Head rackets. In the past she also had sponsorship deals with Canon and Avon. And she started some of her own brands during the course of her career, including Sugarpova candy and Sugargoop, a sunscreen brand which she bought into in 2014.

Forbes estimates that her total earnings, from winnings, endorsements and appearances, comes to $325 million, which puts her just behind Serena Williams’ $350 million total for No. 2 all time among female athletes.

Maria Sharapova and Serena WIlliams

That flow of sponsorship dollars was almost cut-off in 2016, when she failed a drug test for taking a prescribed medication to treat a magnesium deficiency and irregular electrocardiogram. Nike and others announced they were suspending their agreements with her after details of the drug test were made public, even though Nike (NKE) had stuck with many of the male athletes it had endorsement deals with through more serious legal problems.

But after her ban from international tennis was reduced to two years, following a finding from the International Tennis Federation that she “did not intentionally break its rules,” most of the sponsors, including Nike, returned.

Maria sharapova

Sharapova should continue to have lucrative sponsorship deals even with her playing career coming to an end, said Bob Dorfman, an endorsement expert and publisher of the Sports Marketers’ Scouting Report.

“She’s done a tremendous job of building up her non-court brand. She obviously has the advantage of being attractive and still a young woman,” he said. “She’s built a name for herself. She’s personable, likeable. I think she’ll have a pretty extensive shelf-life.”

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