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Jimmy Connors urges Roger Federer to keep going



Roger Federer awarded

Jimmy Connors and Roger Federer are among the most accomplished players in the Open era, winning more than 200 ATP titles combined and sharing 28 Majors. Longevity is one of the significant aspects of their careers, both capable of maintaining a high level for two decades and compete against much younger opponents.



Roger had the opportunity to meet Jimmy in Basel when the American played that prestigious indoor event, not even thinking about chasing the number of titles that Connors collected in his notable career. The five-time year-end no.

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer smile

1 between 1974-78 grabbed his last ATP trophy in 1989, standing on 109 ATP titles and standing as the leader of the pack for more than three decades once it became clear that Ivan Lendl will not be able to pass him. Federer got his name on the list of ATP champions in Milan 2001, still as a teenager, becoming the best player in the world a couple of years later and dominating over the rest of the field in his prime years to add more and more ATP crowns and moving in front of the legends like Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras and Bjorn Borg.

Roger Federer

After a terrible 2013, Roger bounced back in style to stay on Connors’ trail despite the fact he couldn’t win any titles in 2016 due to a knee injury. Between 2014-2019, Federer celebrated in 26 tournaments, staying competitive well after turning 30 and becoming the second player in the Open era with 100 ATP titles in Dubai last year.

Roger Federer

Currently, the Swiss stands on 103 crowns, six less than Jimmy who has urged Roger on Twitter to carry on as long as possible, supporting the fellow legend who expects to make a comeback from a knee surgery if the season restarts by the end of the year.

“What a classic photo; would love to have the original on my wall. Before it all started, who could have imagined back then what was to come. Keep it going!”

My Sporting Hero: Scotland defender Jen Beattie on Roger Federer
Jen beattie

Almost every sportsperson who has reached the top of their field was inspired by an athlete that came before them. Often it’s one from their own sport, but sometimes that inspiration can come from an entirely different discipline. In this series, BBC Sport Scotland speaks to Scottish sporting stars about some of those heroes.

This week, Arsenal and Scotland defender Jen Beattie tells us about her sporting hero – Roger Federer, winner of 20 Grand Slam titles and arguably the greatest male tennis player that’s ever lived.

From a young age, I’ve been a big tennis fan. I used to play at a club across the road from my school in Jordanhill, normally me and my three best mates playing doubles.

Roger Federer

I’ve always loved watching Wimbledon and when I was growing up Roger Federer was the men’s champion every year. He had some epic finals – the ones against Andy Roddick in particular – but he always seemed to prevail.

Federer was ridiculous at that time, winning 12 Grand slams between 2003 and 2007. And I could just watch that backhand in action over and over again.

Roger Federer youth

I love the way he carries himself on and off the court. His calmness and composure is something I have always really admired. I remember watching him when I was younger and thinking, “This guy is playing in front of tens of thousands of fans, millions more around the world watching on TV, and he’s just so cool, calm and collected”.

Roger Federer youth

Even in his interviews, he makes a point of showing admiration and respect – genuine respect – for his opponents. His sportsmanship is second to none and I’ve always loved that about him.

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