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“It Was Really Awful” – Serena Williams Describes Her First Kiss



Serena Williams

Serena Williams has maintained constant interaction with her fans during the Coronavirus quarantine period. She’s been talking to them about the things she usually won’t because of her busy schedule.


On her latest interaction with the fans, she talked about one of the most intimate experiences of her life. This is something that people would only share with only their very close friends. Regardless, Serena decided that it was an interesting story which her fans should hear and enjoy with her.

Serena Williams

This incident was about the first kiss experienced by our very own Serena Williams. While most people have fond memories of their first kiss, it was nothing like that for Serena. Let’s find out what she had to say about this weird incident.

Serena Williams

What did Serena Williams say?
Serena Williams was pretty forthcoming with her story. This is what she had to say about her situation in those interesting times –

“I couldn’t answer the question about my first kiss because my husband was in the other room. But as if he’s not gonna see this. It was really awful, my first kiss, to answer the first question. It was something I’ll never forget, it was one of the worst experiences of my life.

Serena Williams and family snap

I was almost 18 and I was like I don’t wanna turn 18. And then I was like here’s a guy and he’s graduated from high school and all this other stuff. One story short, this guy kissed me in Italy, wild, right.

Serena Williams

And it was awful and I thought I remember I felt so sick to my stomach it was awful and I ran home and then one of my best friends, actually Italian. And I ran home and I was like you know “He kissed me and I hated it”. I was crying and I was really dramatic. Key word was I’m still very dramatic so I still haven’t really changed.”

Serena Williams play hard

That’s certainly a unique incident. Not a story we would have heard from Serena in normal times. We’re sure she’s had better kisses in the future.