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What is the importance of pre-match for Serena Williams, Roger Federer and the others



Serena Williams

Mental preparation, studying the opponent and asking questions is fundamental to approaching a match well: Serena Williams, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and the others know well what the importance of pre-match is.


Them, the greatest champions of this tennis era, learned from experience to better manage these moments, and above all to take advantage of them. According to Brad Gilbert there are important indications to follow. Start the game before the start.

Gilbert said that the most successful and intelligent players would review, on a conscious and unconscious level, the information on the opponent as soon as they knew who they would face, and this process began hours before the game.

Serena Williams

They wanted to try to gain an advantage as soon as possible and they wanted to do it in every possible way. For them, one of the great opportunities was good preventive mental preparation. When does the heating start? It simply doesn’t start when you hit the court.

Maybe that’s the case for your opponent, but it doesn’t have to be for you. An intelligent player starts to prepare for the match on the way or earlier. Warm-up should continue in the locker-oom and then on the court, starting with the brain.

Serena Williams

Players warm-up the body somewhat, but devote even less attention to their mental preparation. Instead, get used to evaluating your opponent and thinking about the match before arriving on the court. If you go there by car, that’s where the heating starts.

Serena Williams

If you go on foot, starts on the sidewalk. Be that as it may, your warm-up begins on the way to the game. The pre-match checklist. That I had won or lost the last match with a player, I wanted to reflect on the reasons that had led to a certain result: how had I managed to beat him? And all the other questions.

Serena Williams

Serena Williams,Kevin Hart, and Stephen Curry Celebrate Class of 2020 amid Coronavirus Pandemic
The three stars will speak at Chase’s virtual “Show Me Your Walk” event on Saturday honoring this year’s graduates.



Stephen Curry, Kevin Hart and Serena Williams are joining forces to virtually celebrate the Class of 2020.

On Saturday, the three stars will speak at Chase’s “Show Me Your Walk” event honoring this year’s graduates, all of whom were left out of physical celebrations at their schools due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Serena Williams Speaks

“The best thing about graduation is the ability to say you did it and for people to actually applaud your accomplishment,” Hart, 40, told PEOPLE Wednesday afternoon. “You’re now in that world of an adult for real. You’re ready. You’ve done all that you were supposed to do to prepare for that next stage in life.”

Serena Williams

The event also invites 2020 grads to share a video of themselves “showing their walk” — or how they would have walked across the graduation stage.

“You just got thrown a major curve ball, but ultimately that curve ball makes you better,” Hart added, referring to the pandemic. “These future leaders of tomorrow and today will say I was around through the pandemic, and I graduated. And after that it made me think about finances, life management and the things that are important. Your hindsight will just be different.”

Serena Williams

Hart later joked that he’d tell the class of 2020 to “be better than I was” after saying he dropped out of the Community College of Philadelphia after just two weeks.

“Me and you are in the same court, right Steph?” Hart said, laughing. (The basketball star attended Davidson College for three years before opting out of his senior year.)

“I do remember how that experience was with my friends and people you go through that journey with, so [I’m] kind of going back into the memory bank, understanding all those memories,” Curry told reporters about his high school graduation. “This is a way for everybody to collectively step up and celebrate that class that has put so much work in. Everybody, through this virus and pandemic, we’re missing that physical interaction and that ability to be with people that matter the most to you in the same room and have laughs and shared experiences.”

Serena Williams

Along with being a celebration, the Chase-hosted event is slated to provide resources for grads to better invest in themselves and plan for their future.

“I really want to give the message that we’re really proud to see what they’re doing,” Williams, 38, told reporters. “I definitely want to talk about goals and how it takes countless hours to reach a goal. I want to remind them that success is subjective … Success is what you make it, mostly. I hope to provide nuggets of wisdom that have kind of worked along my journey.”

Serena Williams

To PEOPLE, Hart joked that students will be excited to see him and the tennis champion — but not the Golden State Warriors star.

“I don’t think people will be excited to see Steph, and I told him that. Y’all can quote that,” he said, laughing. “But Serena and myself, this is going to be a big thing because we’re going to have positive, strong things to say — and I just don’t know what Steph is going to say.”

Serena Williams and Venus Williams

“I’ve waited for this moment to give my first commencement speech so I’ve saved all that wisdom I’ve got up here, okay K. Hart?” Curry quipped back. “I got all of that right here [waiting to] give it on Saturday, so don’t rush me!”

Chase’s “Show Me Your Walk” event will be livestreamed on YouTube and Twitter at 2 p.m. ET.

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