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What is luxury for Roger Federer? — Federer answered this question




What is luxury for Roger Federer? The Swiss answered this question in an interview. “For me it means to be able to buy an apartment, that I do not have to fly in economic class. Also, not going at bed every night and think, Oh God, I have a financial issue.



Cars and yacht are big luxury. If you can afford it, why not? But it’s not needed. You can be okay without those things. Sleeping is a luxury. Time is important. If you do not sleep enough, you live in a bad way, whether you are rich or poor”, said the Swiss.

Roger Federer is jetting around the world

Federer also commented on David Foster Wallace saying on an article that watching the Swiss is like a religious experience.

“I was very interested at it and I red it. He once interviewed me at Wimbledon and I thought, It could be funny.

Roger Federer Explains A Few Of His Special Rolexes

Roger Federer Explains A Few Of His Special Rolexes

He asked me specific questions. So I was not surprised when i red the story. Sometimes for me the ball could be bigger if I am very confident. I see earlier how the point could be.” Petr Korda said: “Tennis became more physical.

But I do not see any sense in Nadal and Djokovic hitting a 30-rally shot. That bothers me. It seems like a video game. Tennis needs to have more variety. They have a big personality, but you cannot compare them with the guys we had before.

Inside Roger Federer's $7 Million Switzerland House

Inside Roger Federer’s mansion

It was more relaxed, we went to tournaments with a gutar. Some of the players played music at night or we went to concerts. Now you can no longer do it.”