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“We Wanted To Be Role Models” – Venus And Serena Williams



Serena Williams and Venus Williams smile

Recently, Serena Williams and her sister Venus had a talk with Naomi Campbell on YouTube. They talked about many things and one of those things was about being role models for others. Check out what they said.


Venus And Serena Williams On Being Role Models
Naomi Campbell was talking about how she has seen Serena and Venus throughout their tennis career holding themselves with integrity and elegance. To this Venus replied, ”

Serena Williams and sister

“Yeah, that’s true. Everybody is born who they are but they can choose who they want to be. Serena and I, we have always tried to be role models for others and I guess that’s how it turned out.”

Many people will want to ask Venus – you guess? This is because they both have had such a major influence on tennis. Almost every single female tennis player looks up to both of them because they have achieved so much in tennis.

Serena Williams sisters

Together, Venus and Serena Williams have amassed 48 grand slams – 30 in singles, 14 women’s doubles, and 4 mixed doubles. They started their career in the 1990s and are still playing on the WTA tour. So, I think with all these achievements they reached their goal of being role models.

They are still playing professional tennis because they both want to win one last grand slam. Venus wants to win it to close her career in the perfect way while Serena wants to win it to cement her position as the GOAT of women’s tennis by equaling Margaret Court’s record of 24 grand slams.

Serena Williams and sisters snap

They have to wait however because the WTA tour has been suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. It is scheduled to return in July assuming the virus is contained by then. When the tour returns, Venus and Serena Williams will have the chance to win some grand slams and most likely they will win it.

Serena Williams: “Spike Lee wants me to play as hard as I can”
Serena Williams and Spike Lee

Serena Williams is the most successful tennis player outside of her sport. The 23-time Slam champion has contributed a lot to the growth of women’s tennis in the new millennium, but her hopes of winning another Major decrease more and more.

Earning almost $29 million in prize money and endorsements, Williams was the highest paid female athlete in 2016. She repeated this feat in 2017 when she was the only woman on Forbes’ list of the 100 highest paid athletes with $27 million in prize money and endorsements.

Serena Williams and Husband lif daugther

American film director Spike Lee shows up at the US Open every year, he sits in the Arthur Ashe stadium of Flushing Meadows and always cheers for Serena. The two renowned personalities of the USA are good friends they have been in touch with each other for a long-time now.

“I’ve known Spike for many years. We always have dinner. He has a house down the street from mine in Palm Beach,” Serena Williams once said. “I sometimes go over there and we eat dinner. We play tennis together.

Serena Williams and family rest

He’s super intense. He wants me to play as hard as I can. I’m like, Spike, are you sure? I mean, C’mon. He’s such a great person. I love his kids. We all just get along. He loves debates. Whenever we’re at dinner, he’s looking for a debate.

Serena Williams and Sofia Kenin

You have to join in and pick aside. I always try to pick the opposite side so it can just be a debate. It’s fun though. I love it. That’s what I wanna do and that’s what I want to be remembered for. It’s not what I do out here, but how I can inspire people off the court” – the former World number 1 added.