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“We Don’t Play The Whole Time, We’ll Still Train” – Venus and Serena Williams



Serena and Venus Williams Workout

Tennis is an extremely physical game and demands a lot of athleticism from the players. Consequently, tennis players need to train regularly to stay in shape and perform optimally when on the court. Serena Williams and Venus Williams are also always focused on their training regime even during the offseason.


Serena and Venus are in the late half of their career and it is important to be more fit than they ever thought possible.

Hence, the two sisters also always try to train when they are at home. “We don’t play the whole time” – Serena Williams

Venus and Serena revealed that they never ‘get away from training’. The Williams’ sister also suggested they’ll feel ‘surreal’ when they hang up their racquet and will not be able to train as they do now.

Venus and Serena Williams

“We don’t play the whole time,” Serena Williams said in an interview with Naomi Campbell. “We pick and choose what we play especially now that we’re older we don’t play as much.

And we just choose the really important ones and the warm-ups before that and etc. But yeah we are at home in December and so in most November and other than that it’s like a week at home or a week here, a week there.”

Venus Williams explained that they are stealing moments of time because out even when they are not playing tennis, they are doing other things.

Serena Williams and venus Williams stretch

All sorts of things that the two are doing, they try to fit in links with the community so they are just stealing moments.

“But it’s a privilege. I think we understand more now that it’s definitely a privilege. But even those times when we aren’t on tour we have to train. So we never get away from training.

One day when we don’t have to train, I’m just gonna feel surreal for a really long time. I think we’ll still train,” Venus concluded.

Venus Williams with Serena Williams

Serena Williams and Venus Williams are one of the fittest players on the tour, keeping themselves in shape at the age of 39 and 40 respectively.

While an average women’s tennis match lasts for just 2 hours, the Williams’ sisters train for a four-hour match. The budding players should certainly take inspiration from the two for their determination to train.