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WATCH: Serena Williams whispered to Venus, ‘Where are your pants?’



Serena talks Venus Williams pants pics


Venus Williams says she ‘can’t stop’ wearing provoking swimsuits amidst questions on her wardrobe malfunctions prompting sister Serena to wonder ‘Where are your pants?’  Venus Williams has revealed a very interesting detail about her  awkward wardrobe while posting a cheeky swimsuit selfie on Instagram.



The Olympian, 41, admitted she ‘can’t stop’ wearing provoking bathing suits; sexy and tempting outfits for the viewing pleasure of her fans and Serena has asked her, “Why?”. The tennis ace even made swimsuits part of her cleaning uniform, donning a white American flag one-piece while Clorox-ing her Jupiter, Florida home.



Venus Williams Steps Out for SAG Awards in Dress with Thigh High Slit

‘When quarantine is quaranCLEAN,’ she wrote, adding the tag: ”#nodaysof.’ Venus went on saying: ‘Also I can’t stop putting swimsuits on when I wake up. Anyone else having wardrobe problems in quarantine????’ Her sister Serena was the first one to laugh, taking to the comments section to say: ‘Wait how did I not know about this? I need the hookup!!!,’ later chiming in again to say: ‘Where r your pants?’



Venus Williams photo



Supermodel friend Naomi Campbell, a known clean freak, vouched for the post, commenting: ‘Love [laughing with tears emoji.]’ Venus tagged the people she was staying safe for, saying: ‘I’m doing it for @olympiaohanian @alexisohanian @serenawilliams.’

Venus Williams



All You Need to Know About the Autoimmune Disease Venus Williams is Suffering from

Both on and of the tennis court, former World No. 1 (singles and doubles) Venus Williams has scored a perfect ace. She has clinched seven Grand Slam titles in her career and has inspired millions with her competitive nature. In 2011, the American professional was diagnosed with Sjogren’s syndrome–a disease without a cure.

What is Sjogren’s syndrome?



This is a type of autoimmune disease. In Sjogren’s syndrome, your body becomes your own enemy as it starts attacking your cells and eventually your organs. Its two most common symptoms are dry eyes and dry mouth, which makes the disease even harder to diagnose. In the four-time Olympic gold medal winner’s case, she caught the symptoms early on. However, she was diagnosed later in her life. This realisation presented itself as a stumbling block in her career, as she had ended with a year outside Top 50 for the first time; she stood at 102.



Venus Williams on Instagram

“It was really frustrating” – Venus Williams



The now 41 years old American professional has had a long and tiring battle with her disease. The early onset of the symptoms was the most difficult to endure. She experienced unfamiliar things within her own self and had found no answer to be its cause. As a professional tennis player, such a situation presents only one answer–to quit.



“No matter how hard I worked, I was exhausted, short of breath, and never felt in shape. It was really frustrating. My symptoms got progressively worse, to the point where I couldn’t play professional tennis anymore,” she told before the US Open last year. “I just had to wait to get better” – Winner of 49 WTA Singles Titles, Venus Williams.





Despite her discouraging condition, the American tennis star embraced the situation and began her road to recovery. Rather than jumping into training, this meant that she would work on revitalizing her health. “In the beginning, I just had to wait to get better,” Williams said. “One of the medications I had took six months to set in. There was another that took one to three months. It was kind of a waiting game until you can go back to what you had been doing.”

Venus wins the Olympic Gold with sister Serena Williams

Serena Williams and Venus Williams

It was 2012 when the court at the London Olympics saw the Williams sisters make history. After winning the doubles final with her sister Serena, the sisters set the record for the most Olympics gold medals won by any tennis player ever.

Sjogren Syndrome is incurable, but with the proper medication, a normal life can be lead. Through Venus’ story, many who found strength in the times of adversity and adapted to live in a smart way.

Serena Williams Tells Her Guilty Pleasures to her Sister Venus

Venus is now on a strict (mostly raw) vegan diet that allows her to maintain her health. She said, “There are times when things are better and times when they’re not as good, that’s when you have to listen to your body and understand that. Life has changed a little bit, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve the same things. You just have to be smarter.”


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