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WATCH: Sasha Banks Tries to End Bayley’s Career on the Ring



Sasha Banks finally got the chance to get her hands on Bayley. The Blueprint of the WWE faced Bayley for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.



Unfortunately, the match didn’t go the way the Boss wanted. Instead of having a full-fledged fight, Bayley took the easy route and got herself disqualified with the help of a steel chair.

Banks was furious after the match and we saw another side to her. She sent Bayley face-first into the chair in the corner. The Boss then smacked Bayley’s back with several steel chair shots.

Banks was not done yet and wanted to do something evil that could potentially end Bayley’s career. Consequently, she fixed the steel chair on Bayley’s neck and climbed up to the top rope.

Fortunately for Bayley, as Banks was preparing for a high-flying move, she managed to move out and run away. Regardless, Banks sent a clear message that this wasn’t over yet and carnage awaited Bayley’s future.

bayley attacks sasha Banks

Sasha Banks will be locked inside Hell in a Cell with Bayley
After the fourth round draft, the camera went backstage with Sasha Banks cutting a promo. Banks spoke about how she should have seen Bayley’s antics in advance.

She claimed that she was tired of playing Bayley’s game. Moreover, Banks warned Bayley that if she wanted hell, that’s exactly what she will get.

Sasha Banks then challenged Bayley to a battle inside the unforgiving Hell in a Cell structure, so that she could finally break Bayley’s body and spirit.

The Boss recalled how much she loved Bayley and how much Bayley meant to her. However, Banks warned Bayley that she will take the one thing Bayley loves the most i.e. the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

This will be Sasha Banks’ third Hell in a Cell match of her career. Interestingly, Banks has been present in every female Hell in a Cell match that has ever taken place in the WWE.

However, the one record Banks won’t be proud of is that she has lost both her previous Hell in a Cell matches to Charlotte and Becky Lynch.