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WATCH: Novak Djokovic And Wife Accept Andy Murray’s Challenge



Novak Djokovic and Jelena

Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray have had some tough battles on the tennis court over the years. However, their latest faceoff against each other is along with special partners.


Novak Djokovic & Wife smile

Yesterday, Andy Murray kicked off another interesting challenge amongst the tennis community. He played some volley with his wife and both of them were able to take the volley count to 100. Hence, Murray challenged everyone to match their number.

He also put up a special mention for Roger and Mirka! However, the Swiss maestro was not the first big tennis star to reply.

Novak Djokovic with wife

Novak Djokovic takes on the challenge
The Serbian star had announced earlier that he was interested in Andy’s challenge and would certainly give it a go with his wife Jelena.

Like always, Novak was true to his promise as he appeared with Jelena to give the challenge a shot. Surprisingly, both of them were phenomenal with the volley with Jelena pulling out some interesting shots out of her volley. Novak might be the best tennis player in the world currently but his wife certainly had an answer to all his attacks.

Novak Djokovic and lady

The best thing was that the two were able to successfully complete the challenge. Novak signified this by tossing the ball up in the air with a terrified Jelena escaping so that the ball doesn’t hit her.

Novak Djokovic and wife snap

Novak Djokovic & wife

This was just a trailer of the amazing challenges that we might still witness. Of course, it will be fun to see Gael Monfils and Elina Svitolina slug it out with both of them being top tier tennis players. However, most fans would wait for Roger Federer and Mirka Federer to give us a peek into their practice sessions.

Roger Federer and wife walk

That would certainly make for some fun viewing. Whose challenge are you awaiting the most in this series?