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These Photos Prove Ronda Rousey’s Having A Good Time Since Her WWE Hiatus



Ronda Rousey with shovel

At only 33-years-old, Ronda Rousey has already experienced an illustrious career, both in and out of the Octagon. The celebrated athlete has not only created a name for herself by way of her successful roles as a mixed martial artist and professional wrestler but also largely due to her stints as an author and A-list Hollywood actress.



Since unofficially retiring from her MMA career in 2018, and subsequently stepping down from the WWE, Rousey has been able to enjoy some much-needed downtime. During her vacation, Rousey tends to hang out on her Browsey Acres farm to wind down or spends lots of time with her husband, Travis Browne, and her large family.

So without further ado, below are 11 photos of Ronda Rousey that show she’s enjoying her vacation.

Extended Gaming Sessions
Ronda Rousey play

In February of this year, Rousey signed an exclusive streaming deal with Facebook Gaming’s live-streaming platform so fans across the world could watch her gameplay sessions. Rousey has long been known to be a devoted gamer and shared in an official press release, “Through my streams, people can hang out with the real me, not the ‘character’ version of myself they’re used to seeing.”

Harvesting Turkeys

Ronda Rousey with husband

“Rowdy,” what her fans endearingly call her, has been enjoying the domestic life with her husband, Travis. Since moving to a farm located in Riverside, California, the duo has spent time growing and building their “sustainable ranch home that radiates love.” For Thanksgiving, the pair decided to harvest their own turkeys.

Ronda Rousey holds shovel

Not one to shy away from getting down and dirty with the animals, Rousey also loves to spend her vacation on the farm gardening and planting. Here the UFC champion-turned WWE wrestler looks effortlessly stunning in a Canadian Tuxedo-esque outfit paired with a black bodysuit and wellington boots.

Hanging With The Animals

Ronda rousey with goat

As Rousey continues to focus on her wellbeing and starting a new family with Travis, she’s definitely delved headfirst into the farm life. It seems most of the time she and her husband just enjoy spending time together, along with their beloved farm animals. And the smile on Rousey’s face, she’s just glowing from all this time off.

Running With The Chickens
Ronda Rousey with fowl

Many die-hard fans of Rousey will state that the championed athlete faced a bevy of “chickens” both in the Octagon and the WWE ring during her lauded career. Now the beloved Rousey finds herself running around literal chickens. Tending to her animals has also given Rousey a sense of solitude.

Pokémon Dressup

ronda rousey in dress

Along with being an avid gamer, Rousey is completely obsessed with Pokémon. In fact, the UFC champion revealed that she used to be a moderator for a Pokémon forum on, using the handle mew182. And it doesn’t look like Rousey will be letting go of her love of Pokémon anytime soon, confirmed in this picture of her posing in an Espeon onesie as she overlooks her farm.

The G.O.A.T. Riding A Goat
ronda rousey ride goat

It’s not surprising to see the playful Rousey fully delving into her new life on Browsey Acres. Along with keeping up with the farm’s sustainable means, Rousey also likes to enjoy her time with the colorful animals that also reside on the land. Pictured above the MMA G.O.A.T. is riding a literal alpine goat named Max.

Cooking With Gordon Ramsay
Ronda Rousey compete

Although Rousey moved away from the hustle and bustle of the big city life, she still keeps in contact with her celebrity friends. She even made time to invite over celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay to make some delicious looking breakfast burritos. The two even had time to participate in an arm wrestling completion. Additionally, this was all captured for Ramsay’s Scrambled series.

Down Time With Husband Travis Browne
Ronda Rousey kiss husband

Since stepping down from both the UFC and WWE, Rousey has found more time to spend with her husband Travis Browne, who is also a championed American mixed martial artist. Rousey shared this photo via her personal Instagram account, which features the pair sharing an intimate kiss during their downtime.

Swimming With Sharks
Ronda Rousey swim

Every one of Rousey’s fans knows that she is a fierce competitor, so it’s no surprise that given the opportunity to swim with the sharks wouldn’t scare her off. Even though her face is covered with a scuba mask, it’s not hard to tell she is brimming with excitement as she embarks on a new adventure during her off time.

Family Outings
Ronda Rousey with family

What makes Rousey so endearing is her strong ties and love for her family members. During her downtime, Rousey likes to rebalance by spending time with her close relatives, such as her mother, AnnMaria De Mars, and her sisters, Maria Burns-Ortiz, Jennifer Rousey, and Julia DeMars. The group of women is especially tight-knit after the tragic passing of Ronda’s father when she was eight.