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WATCH: Serena Williams releases video of herself having fun on the beach



Serena Williams at Miami beach

Serena Williams is back to training after a great break at the Maldives with family and friends. One of these sexy video scenes took place at an outdoor shower. “The bath scene was amazing, because I also wanted to do something like that,” she admitted.


Serena added, “I’ve always wanted to let go—let my hair wet, let my face wet and take a supernatural picture that was strong and beautiful at the same time”

Serena Williams bikini bathtub

The former world no.1 is totally committed to winning her 24th slam following her withdrawal from the 2020 French Open.

Serena Williams doubts she will be able to play again this year hence she is already on her recovery journey from an Achilles injury. “An Achilles injury is not one you want to play with as it can get worse,” she said.

Serena Williams showing how to take bath

“We realised it wasn’t the best for me to try to play today,” Williams told reporters. “I’m struggling to walk, I felt like I needed to walk with a limp.

Serena is once again focusing on winning her 24th slam at the Australian Open after she stumbled at the last hurdle in Wimbledon and at the US Open.

However, this time Serena wants to be better prepared from a physical and mental point of view to already play her first tournament.

Serena Williams bikini bathtub

“I prayed a lot to make these problems disappear,” Serena told a press conference after the straight sets win over Ahn.

“I love playing tennis. I love competing. It’s my job and I’m pretty good at it still… I’m so close to some things and I feel like I’m almost there… that’s what keeps me going.”

Serena Williams bathtub

Serena Williams showing how to take a good bath after training

Serena posted a video on Instagram showing what she likes to do to accelerate her recovering after a good training.

It’s off season’s stuff!

Serena Williams bathtub

Serena Williams posted a video on Instagram showing what she likes to do to accelerate her recovering after a good training.

Serena Williams has just finished another photo-shoot for While wearing swimsuit and bikini on different occasions. Serena Williams wore a thong bikini! It was her first time wearing a thong, and she braved the situation with total confidence.

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