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“She is Like ‘Mommy Run Run’ I Told Her Baby I Really Can’t”- Serena Williams Says She Feels Exhausted



Serena Williams and Olympia

Former World No.1 Serena Williams has kept herself busy even during the coronavirus pandemic. Besides her grueling workout routine, Serena has been juggling between multiple business ventures and motherhood. However, she is sometimes getting tired of handling all the stuff.


Williams is in self-isolation with her husband, Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian and their two-year-old daughter, Olympia during the public crisis. Spending time with her daughter and running two businesses at the same time has been difficult for Williams.

Serena Williams and kiki

“I got a little dizzy and I was about to throw up” – Serena Williams
The 23-time Grand Slam champion revealed that she was tired a lot in the last couple of days due to her official work. Moreover, playing with her daughter Olympian made her more tired.

“How tired do I look right? It’s been incredibly long days, incredibly long hours, running two businesses and running a 2-year-old,” Williams said in the Instagram story.

Serena Williams with racket

“I literally told her I can’t and she is like mommy run, run. I told her baby I really can’t. Then she started crying and I felt so bad then I started running and now I am tired,” she added.

Serena Williams and daughter smile

Williams further divulged that it’s been a long couple of days. She is running two businesses in this pandemic and it’s kind of crazy but it’s exciting and it’s scary. She does not know what happens next. Simultaneously, she is also being a mom, chasing her daughter around and playing with her and spending time with her.

Serena Williams play with olympia

She continued: “Today I was so tired and she wanted me to turn in circles. I got a little dizzy and I was about to throw up but I never throw up. I am already in bed, it’s like 9.30 but I have been in bed for an hour.”

Serena Williams

Olympia has become a sensation on Serena’s social media accounts during the coronavirus crisis. Williams has been finding creative ways to entertain her daughter and play with her. Moreover, she also posts videos of her daughter dressing up, playing games, and making drawings. This further provides a source of entertainment for her fans on social media.