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Photos: Serena Williams is pregnant!



Serena Williams as Herself

Serena Williams is the worlds best tennis star; she has been talking about pregnancy and having another baby following the growing up of her first child, Olympia Alexis Ohanian Jnr.


When the rumours began to spread that tennis legend Serena Williams was pregnant, it did not take long for many people to deny that this was true.

Serena Williams as beautiful

However, so many people were very shocked when Serena’s publicist, Kelly Bush Novak, officially confirmed that the greatest ever female tennis player is pregnant, although it seems that there were none quite as shocked as Serena herself.

The photo posted on Snapchat with the baby bump and then removed a few mins after had left some doubts about Serena Williams’s pregnancy.

Serena Williams sends fans wild as she flashes serious cleavage in very skimpy bikini

Also WTA had removed its message of congratulations, but last night, Serena’s publicist, Kelly Bush Novak, confirmed the news to the media, saying that she is due to give birth this fall, probably at the end of September or October.

Serena won her 23th Grand Slam title at the Australian Open without losing any set during her seventh week of pregnancy.

Serena Williams queen of racket

The 2021 season is already ended for her, confirmed her management, which added that the player ‘intends to comeback in 2022’.

Will she be motivated enough to compete after becoming mother for her second child? If the answer will be yes, we imagine it will be tough to see her back in the court again.

Surely she will have some motivations, like passing Margaret Smith Court’s 24 Major titles and competing again against her biggest rivals, Maria Sharapova, Victoria Azarenka and Naomi Osaka.

Serena Williams on Her beauty

Also in the past Kim Clijsters and Smith Court showed it’s possible to be competitive being a mother: the Belgian player won two US Open titles after her daughter Jada’s birth, while in 1973 the American player won three Major events after that her son Daniel was born.

Serena Williams talks about her pregnancy

Serena Williams intimated that she would prefer to give birth to another girl child.

Serena Williams announce pregnancy

Serena Williams Is Worried It’s Too Late To Give Her Daughter A Sibling: ‘That Ship Has Sailed’

Tennis champion Serena Williams is known for being many things: a stellar athlete, for one. She’s also a wonderful mom to her 3-year-old daughter, Olympia.

Serena has really embraced motherhood and has spoken at length about how she would love to have more kids.

Starring Serena Williams as Herself

Well, now it seems that Serena is worried she has waited too long to have baby No. 2. She recently shared that she’s concerned that it might be too late. “I’m, like, ‘Oh my God, I wanted her to have a sibling and it’s getting farther and farther away.’”

“She’s 3 and I always wanted [them to be closer in age] because I am so close to my sister [Venus],” Serena continued.

“We are 15 months apart and I’m like, ‘That ship has sailed.’ We’ll see, I obviously want more.”