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Serena Williams Reveals The Last Thing She Googled–All You Need To Know–



Serena Williams opened mouth

World Number nine Serena Williams recently mentioned she is “eager to return to the tennis courts.” It’s been more than two months without any professional action, and the American icon is can’t wait to hit some balls on the tour.


Nevertheless, she’s is enjoying her time away from tennis. Williams is spending quality time with her daughter Olympia and the rest of her family. A few days ago, she’s was seen working out together with her seven-time Grand Slam sister Venus Williams.

Serena Williams

Also, Serena has been proactive in connecting with her fans every now and then. On Saturday, she was LIVE on Instagram and was answering fans’ questions. One of the questions was, “what is the last thing you googled?”

Serena Williams and coach smile

During the hiatus from the tennis tour, Williams was seen baking alongside her husband Alexis Ohanian. And she baked a cake for her friend, and the last thing that she happened to google was the recipe of bread.

“Definitely recipe, I was looking at a bread recipe. I was just thinking to make some bread on my own. Could I just sound blind talking about bread, who talks about bread,” Serena Williams shared.

Serena Williams

Serena Williams baking with her husband Alexis Ohanian

Also, she tried to bake baguettes for the first time. “I see a lot of people posting, clearly prefect, store-bought baguettes. But, this is home-made. You know, they are not the best, but I will keep trying, get there and this is real.”

Serena Williams

On the WTA Tour in the year 2020, Serena Williams lifted up the title at Auckland Open 2020, which marked the end of her title-less streak since January 2017. Later, at the Australian Open, former World Number one Williams lost in the third round to China’s Wang Qiang. In February, she supported Team USA to earn a spot in Fed Cup Finals 2020, as the Americans defeated Latvians in the qualification rubber.

Serena Williams