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Serena Williams reveals her partner Alexis wooed her at a restaurant



Serena Williams & HUSBAND

Serena Williams has finally spilled the beans on how she met her billionaire partner Alexis Ohanian in a cheeky way.


The American tennis star had spent most of her years winning Grand Slam titles without having a man to accompany her success.

But according to her post on Instagram, she briefly narrated how the journey began five or six years ago in Roma, Italy.

Alexis Ohanian, daugther and wife

The Olympic gold medalist was chilling out in a restaurant in Italy when the chief executive officer of Reddit made advances at her and the rest is now history.

“This trip started in Roma 5 or 6 years ago lol.

Serena Williams, Alexis Ohanian and Olympia

“I’m the worst with time lines. He sat at my table. I asked him to leave. He refused. I found that hot. I asked him if he liked truffles.

“He said yes. Eventually I said yes. And here we are. 5 or 6 years later,” she said.

The 38-year-old and her lover both now have a beautiful two-year-old daughter together Alexis Olympian.

Serena’s post was accompanied with a video clip showing both couples driving to an unknown destination during the lockdown.

serena williams and family having fun

She asked Alexis: “Really trip?”

He responded: “We are not really going outside.”

Serena concluded: “We are not really going anywhere.”

“Serena Williams Is One Of My Closest Friends” – Tiger Woods
There are so many similarities between Tiger Woods and Serena Williams that the two are often compared with respect to their career trajectories. They both made it big in sports that were not really known for having faces from the African American community.

However, their triumphs gave the entire community an aspiration to dream big. Tennis and golf saw more participation from the community. There’s one more thing which connects the two players.

It’s their ability to bounce back. Back in 2018, Serena was recovering from her pregnancy and post-childbirth complications while Tiger Woods was coming out of the fourth operation in his back.

None of the fans expected the two, who are very good friends in real life, to bounce back the way that they eventually did. Tiger Woods has been a long term friend, fan, and supporter of Serena Williams. He has shown up for her in the Wimbledon finals. Let’s find out what he had to say about his friend.

Tiger Woods and family

What did Tiger Woods say about Serena Williams?
Tiger Woods reflected on his friendship with Serena Williams. He specifically talked about the inspirational nature of the athlete.

“Yeah, Serena is one of my closest friends. Our relationship has evolved into that and it’s been awesome. She’s been an inspiration to not only me but everyone else to watch her go through her, when she was pregnant.

Serena Williams

Having her child and then come back and then play as well as she has, getting to the finals of US Open, Wimbledon, I means it’s unbelievable what she’s done.

The way she’s dominated the game for such a long period of time, that just doesn’t happen in that sport. It just it goes to show you how good she is and how talented she is but I’ve got to know her on a personal level and as I said she’s one of my classes seat friends.”

Serena Williams

We can’t agree more with his words. Serena Williams has truly displayed a fighter attitude in her marvelous comeback. The fans will remain hopeful that she walks out with another grand slam title before her retirement.

Serena Williams

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