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serena wiliams and alexis ohanian

One starry silver lining of lockdown is more content of Serena Williams ’ daughter Alexis Olympia. With the tennis champion and her Reddit founder husband Alexis Ohanian self-isolating at home, the two-year-old has been centerstage on social media, providing us all with an adorable respite from otherwise unsettling news.


Of course, it’s not always puppies and rainbows for the 38-year-old athlete. Like any other parent in quarantine, life can be stressful. During an Instagram Live for her clothing brand Serena on Saturday, May 9, the mom-of-one opened up about being at home with her cutie pie.

Serena Wiiliams

“I‘ve been kind of shaking in the corner,” she jokingly said referencing a meme she saw on Instagram, “because I have a two year old at home and she is VERY active and she loves to be active. She loves mommy, and I love that she loves mommy, but every word out of her mouth is ‘mommy mommy mommy!’”

Serena Williams and family snap

Serena grinned as she talked about Olympia , candidly quipping: “There‘s a little stress behind this smile. It gets to be a lot, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.” The clothing designer also revealed something fun that’s getting the duo through this time: “We watch Paw Patrol – our new favorite show!”

serena williams and daughter alexis jr

She purposely went Live at 12:30 PM ET because Olympia was asleep. “It just would be a little more dramatic [if she was here],” she said, “and then you might not hear anything that I’m talking about.” All in all, Serena loves getting to spend more quality time with Olympia. “I’m so happy to have spent all day everyday together,” she recently wrote on Instagram.

alexis olympia and daughter

Serena Williams Shares Unseen Pregnancy Photo and Reaches out to Expecting Moms
Mother-of-one, Serena Williams went down memory lane, with her latest post on Instagram, by sharing a picture of herself holding her baby bump.

Serena Williams’ daughter, Alexis Olympia, was born almost three years ago, bringing joy to her parents. Her proud mother went back to the days leading to her birth in a sweet Instagram post she made on Thursday.

Serena shared a picture of herself in a black robe, wearing a bra and shorts. The tennis star exposed her big baby bump, with her right hand embracing her unborn child.

In the caption to the post, the tennis star recalled the way she felt while pregnant with Olympia and compared her situation to that of many expectant mothers out there.

Serena Williams and husband gaze

Serena said that she remembered feeling very excited and nervous about her pregnancy, and poured her heart out to all expectant parents who might not know where to turn for help in preparation for the big change in their lives. She added:

“With many in-person childbirth classes canceled, I’m excited to share how @PampersUS is helping…”

Accompanying the tennis star’s post was a video of the Pampers US free childbirth education series. Serena also clarified that her baby bump picture was taken when she was pregnant with Olympia.

Being a mother of a child as active as Olympia and maintaining excellence in a sport as competitive as tennis can be difficult to manage for some, but not Serena.

Serena Williams

The tennis icon spoke of her desire to reach 25 Grand Slam wins.

Williams has excelled at both and continues to do so despite the heavy demands she faces being a wife, a mother, and a top athlete. Many have wondered what has kept her going.

Serena Williams

In an exclusive interview with TODAY Parents, the tennis star said that whenever she gets run down by the demands of work and being a mother, she always gained inspiration from the average working mom. Serena said:

“I think of what they do literally every single day…And it helps me keep going.”

The proud mother added that not a day went by without her thinking that women were amazing. Despite having a demanding career, Serena feels lucky to be able to make her schedule and have a lot of flexibility around competitions.

Serena Williams

With that flexibility, she has days off, and a schedule that allows her to spend the rest of the day with her adorable daughter, though she added that it was still hard that way.

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Mama & Papa.

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In 2018, a few months after the birth of Olympia, Serena granted an interview with Vogue, where she spoke about motherhood, marriage, and tennis comeback.

Serena Williams

The tennis icon spoke of her desire to reach 25 Grand Slam wins, which would make her the undisputed greatest of all time, and said that having a baby might help her achieve that feat.