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Serena Williams and her home team are living their best lives during lockdown



Serena Williams & Alexis Ohanian

Serena Williams is making the best of lockdown, giving fans a glimpse into her life on Instagram. The tennis sensation posted a video on her social media page, giving commentary on her life during lockdown.



She said that she is “loving her husband and loving life.”

Calling her family her starting line-up, Serena introduced each family member to her 12.2- million followers.

Serena Williams carry daughter

In a previous post she said she was doing her part to flatten the curve and making sure she stayed home.

Serena Williams kiss daugther

“Your actions matter,” she said.

Serena Williams And Venus Williams Reveal Their Dad Still Monitors Their Play
Serena Williams with father

Family is the most important thing in a person’s life. This holds true even when you are a top tennis player. Venus and Serena Williams had a lot to say about their family, more specifically, their dad during their conversation with Naomi Campbell. Check it out.

Venus And Serena Williams On Their Dad
Venus and Serena were talking about their training with Naomi when she enquired about their dad. She asked them if their dad still came to watch them train.

Serena Williams and sisters chat

“Yeah, he still comes to watch us train and that’s like the best time because we get to hang out,” replied Serena. “Now, training has become less but that’s what I want to do, hang out with my dad.”

Like any other person, Venus and Serena love spending time with their father. Venus also expressed their wish to spend more time with him, now that he is getting older. Richard Williams is closing in on 80 now so they want to spend as much time as possible in his company.

Serena Williams hold dad

They will certainly get their wish, now more than ever, since the WTA Tour has been suspended, much to the disappointment of tennis fans.

Fans are probably wondering when the Tour is returning. Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to this question.

The suspension has been extended not once, but twice because the situation with the coronavirus is not improving. If we do not see a positive change in the near future, it is likely we won’t see any tennis in 2020. Hopefully, that won’t be the case.

Venus and Serena Williams certainly do not want that to happen. They will want to win at least one last Grand Slam before they retire from the sport. When the Tour returns, I am sure they will win it and will celebrate with their beloved dad.