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Serena Williams & Alexis Ohanian Are Learning a Lot about Each Other during Quarantine



Serena Williams & HUSBAND

Serena Williams and her husband Alexis Ohanian recreated a video on Tik Tok about a hilarious office conversation while quarantined in their home.



Serena Williams and her husband Alexis Ohanian are showing off their sense of humour with a Tik Tok video that chronicled that funny side of office gossip. In her caption, Serena wrote:

“We are learning a lot about each other during this Quarantine. @alexisohanian Chronicles of Serena and Alexis.”

Serena Williams and family rest

In the video, the couple portrayed characters giving different reactions to the news of a promotion and office gossip during a phone conversation.

“I love how they are so authentic with their love,” said one fan. Other fans said they love the couple together, and that they “nailed” the hilarious sketch. Another fan gushed over their relationship.

Serena Williams and Husband lif daugther

The couple has been sharing a lot of inside jokes together while enjoying some much-needed quality time amid quarantine.
The downtime from her busy schedule had also given Serena more time with her daughter Olympia. The mother-daughter duo recently recreated a scene from the animation, “Tangled,” and performed a song in their living room.

The Disney effect has had quite an impact on her home. According to Daily Mail, the princess look has been such a hit with Olympia that Serena has often been wearing it around the house.

Serena Williams and husband laugh

While dressed in matching princess outfits during the playtime, Serena joked, “princess attire required for conversations with [Olympia].”

In the midst of trying to keep herself busy, Serena an Alexis teamed up for another video. At the same time, he played commentator to his wife while she played with a gymnastics wing toy, Alexis joked:

“The U.S. Olympic team has really fallen off since Simone Biles left and was replaced by this…Quite the terrible dismount.”

Serena Williams with husband

Serena had been updating her followers on the creative activities she had been getting up to with her followers since self-isolating with her family.

Serena Williams with husband

The tennis champion has admitted that she is trying to relax and enjoy things she wouldn’t usually be able to do like cooking for her family, and spring cleaning.