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See the 15 Steamy Photos You Wouldn’t Expect From Bayley




The Lovable Hugger: Bayley was absolutely on fire while she was in NXT, as she was a wrestler who seemed like she was poised to be one of the most popular figures in the entire wrestling business.


She was able to put together a character that children embraced since she reminded them of their friends, and adults also got behind her as well which means she walked a line everyone else struggles with.

In order for a photo to be up for consideration for inclusion here, the only prerequisite is that the wrestler Bayley from the WWE can be seen and looks great.

That means that the inclusion of people other than this much-discussed performer will have zero effect on the placement of a photograph on this list.

Screengrabs of her from any media appearances are fair game as she has a history of looking incredible wherever she goes and we’d be fools to exclude them. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.

15 Among Fans

Bayley is a throwback to characters like Hulk Hogan in his peak. since she encourages fans to do the right thing in an overt way – we don’t see too much of that anymore. Due to that, those in attendance were more than happy to embrace her coming their way, which is awesome to see as a fan of the business

14 Being Held Up

As cool as that is, we’d be lying if we tried to pretend that anything about this image, aside from the way that gravity is manipulating the way her chest looks in that top, interests us all that much.

13 Three Horsewomen

In this image the only member of the so-called Four Horsewomen that is missing is Becky Lynch; otherwise, you’ve got three-fourths of the group of women that reinvented women’s wrestling in NXT.

However, when looking at these three looking so happy and appealing in swimwear that exposes much of their bodies, it becomes nearly impossible to not enjoy the results, and that’s just fine with us.

12 Curvy Head Lock

Thankfully, these days, we have women like Bayley that love wrestling enough to train and have fun with her peers in her off-time. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she is a beautiful person, however, and that the pants she was wearing when this shot was taken look fantastic on her.

11 Showing Off Some Skin

we have this lovable lass stopping to sign autographs for fans in a moment where one of the people in attendance took a photo of her from close up.

But there was an obviously positive side effect of this moment for those that find her attractive.

As this image was seemingly taken by someone that is somewhat taller than she is, that angle meant that the camera got a view of her cleavage that is all too rare to see.

10 About to Embrace

Here’s she’s seen alongside Charlotte Flair, despite the fact that we can’t make out her face. The two of them have very different images from one another, but despite that their careers have become linked.

However, our favorite aspect of this shot is how good we think Bayley’s body looks in it.

9 Yoga Pants

Bayley is someone that is renowned for having a curvaceous figure, to say the least, and that means that yoga pants are perfect on her.

8 Shirt Rip

In here, we see an image of Bayley posed in front of a Hulk Hogan statue and looking like she is recreating his famous habit of ripping open his shirt. That said, we know full well that she is just pretending and the top she has on is in no danger of ripping, but that doesn’t mean the baser parts of our brain can’t ignore that.

In fact, we can’t help but enjoy the math that our brain did at first glance and imagine her ripping apart the clothing that is covering up so much of her body.

7 She’s Got Legs

This is a screengrab from footage taken of Bayley when she was the NXT Women’s Champion, and this must have been a crowning moment in the life of a woman that we know is very passionate about what she does.

On top of that, seeing her in a dress that shows off her cleavage is another welcome sight, and the fact that it is tight to her body makes it even more appealing.

6 Tight Dress

Seen here at an event alongside Carmella, the two of them look as though they are ready to hit the town.As she’s wearing a dress that hugs her body and a smile on her face that is nothing short of infectious.

5 Put Together

she is wearing pants that are very tightly-fit to her body and shows off the curve of her hips.everything from the waist up is wonderful as we love her colorful shirt drawing our eyes to that part of her, as well as her makeup being distinctive and welcoming without overwhelming.

4 Tight Top

we can also easily imagine that the tight top that she has on and knowing how hot it makes her look has inspired her to feel as fantastic about herself as we do.

3 Stair Side

This is a shot of Bayley and Sasha Banks, who appears to be her friend on and offscreen. It seems as though these two have no idea that someone is taking a photo of them. Bayley is wearing a tank top, which is the type of clothes that would allow someone to be comfortable while on a plane or in a car.

2 Yellow and Black

Next, the outfit she has on provides us with a view of her body that is rare, but draws attention to the fact that she is an arousing woman that sometimes doesn’t get enough credit for that.

1 Jeans Derriere

it is no secret that the most incredible aspect of Bayley’s body has to be her derriere, and how incredibly round it is.

As such, an image of her like this one where she is wearing jeans that fit her to perfection and show off exactly what she is working with is breathtaking and worthy of praise from all of us.

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