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Ronda Rousey VS Becky Lynch to Main-Event WrestleMania , As Per Reports



Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey

WWE CEO Vince McMahon is expecting two huge stars to return for next year’s WrestleMania. Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey have taken sabbaticals from the WWE, but for entirely different reasons. While the ‘Irish Lass-Kicker’ is on maternity leave, the UFC Hall of Famer has been absent from the world of wrestling since she was pinned by Lynch in the main event of WrestleMania 35.



With Vince expecting his two former mega-stars to return by WrestleMania, a match could be in the works. According to Wrestlingnews, a WWE source says that Vince is hoping to have both stars back by February. This might be the start of the one-on-one feud that fans wanted. It’ll be safe to say that match of this magnitude at WrestleMania will surely set the wrestling world on fire.

Furthermore, WWE is allegedly planning a WrestleMania main-event featuring these two women’s wrestling behemoths!

Ronda Rousey had one of the best rookie years in WWE
Rousey had one of the best debut years in the history of WWE. She made Stephanie McMahon tap out at WrestleMania in her debut match, and beat Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam to win the Raw Women’s Championship.

Becky Lynch

Rousey even beat three out of the ‘Four Horsewomen’ and Nikki Bella. In fact, her match against Sasha Banks was one of the best matches of 2019. She marched into WrestleMania 35 as the most dominant Women’s Champion of all time.

Becky Lynch was also enjoying a stellar year on SmackDown
Becky Lynch went through a career rejuvenation after turning heel at SummerSlam 2018, and became the hottest star in WWE. She was cast in an anti-hero role due to her immense popularity, and adopted the popular ‘The Man’ moniker.

She was set to meet Rousey in a gigantic Champion vs Champion match at Survivor Series 2018. This dream match was unfortunately delayed, after Nia Jax broke Lynch’s nose during an invasion angle on Raw.

Becky Lynch ABS

This delay allowed the storyline to generate so much heat that it was promoted ahead of Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar as the main event of WrestleMania. At Mania, Lynch pinned Rousey in a triple threat match also involving SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair to become ‘Becky 2 Belts.”

Henceforth, Lynch replaced Ronda Rousey as the ‘Ace’ of the Women’s division. On the other hand, Rousey stepped away from the ring to start a family with her husband Travis Browne.

While Lynch’s reign surpassed Rousey’s, her reign came to an end as she was forced to vacate the title due to her pregnancy. With her due date in December, it is not surprising that Vince McMahon is expecting his hottest female star of the past three years to return to the ring. Maybe a return at the Royal Rumble could be in the works.

Ronda Rowdy Rousey

Ronda Rousey has been critical of her treatment by ‘ungrateful fans’ in WWE
Rousey was brutalized by Charlotte Flair after their Survivor Series match ended in a disqualification. Flair assaulted her with a kendo stick, and even made an attempt to snap her neck by wedging it between a steel chair and stomping it (the wrestling term for this is called ‘pillmanizing’).

During this brutal attack, the fans cheered for Flair and chanted ‘You Deserve It’ for Rousey. Rousey was even heard responding to a male heckler, telling the guy, “You’re not a man.”

The ‘Baddest Woman on the Planet’s’ sabbatical might be coming to an end, after wrestler James Storm posted a post-training picture with Rousey and Travis Browne on his Twitter account.