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Roger Federer’s Stunning $8.1 Million Zurich House Where He And His Family Are Quarantined



Roger Federer stand

Roger Federer’s house is situated on Lake Zurich and is worth $8.1 million (£ 6.5 million). The mansion was purchased by Roger Federer’s family back in 2014.


Roger Federer is currently spending time with his family at his home in Switzerland as the coronavirus pandemic has brought the entire tennis season to stand still.

Apart from spending time with family, Roger Federer is also posting videos of trick shots and asking tennis players and fans to accept his challenge. Some Roger Federer trick shots videos went viral with tennis players and fans responding to the challenge in large numbers.

Roger Federer mansion built

Roger Federer house in Switzerland
With Roger Federer spending time with wife and parents back in Switzerland, one might be eager to know how his house looks like. The Roger Federer house is situated on Lake Zurich and it is worth $8.1 million (£6.5 million), which was purchased by Federer’s family in 2014. The Roger Federer house is a three-storey home with two separate apartments for guests.

Roger Federer mansion develop

Roger Federer’s house has ceiling windows, large balconies with a spectacular view of Lake Zurich and features a glass dome over the living space. The home was built from scratch and it is equipped with all the comforts needed. The house also has a swimming pool, a multifunctional gym, a spa for relaxing moments and an underground car park with the Lake Zurich backdrop in the background.

Roger Federer mansion develop

Here’s Roger Federer net worth from his total earnings
Roger Federer is the highest-paid tennis player in the world and reportedly has a net worth of $93.4 million. The Swiss legend has earned all the money from the tournaments he has won, endorsements and appearance fees. The Roger Federer net worth figure includes $86 million earning through endorsing three global brands majorly in the banking, cars and watches industry.

Roger Federer mansion develop

The Roger Federer net worth figure also includes a deal with a top Japanese apparel brand, Uniqlo which he signed in 2018 and is worth $300 million. Apart from his endorsements, his eponymous foundation has raised more than $40 million and educated 1 million children in Africa since its launch.