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Roger Federer’s Astonishing House Where He and His Family are Quarantined



Roger Federer sitting at home

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the tennis season to a standstill for an indefinite period since mid-March. Consequently, tennis players are spending quality time with their families during the unscheduled layoff.


Roger Federer is also enjoying his time with his family staying at his home in his native land during the coronavirus pandemic.

Federer fans will be eager to know where he is staying during the global crisis. One might be also interested to know how Federer’s house looks like.

Roger Federer sitting

Roger Federer house in Zurich, Switzerland
The Swiss maestro possesses several properties. However, he owns a stunning property in Zurich, where and his family are quarantined during the coronavirus pandemic.

Roger had a state-of-the-art building built from scratch in 2014. Federer’s luxurious three-story house is worth $8.1 million in the current market. The Swiss star lives there with his parents, Mirka and their four children.

Roger Federer mansion interior

It has ceiling windows, a glass dome in the living space and very large balconies with a view of Lake Zurich. Apart from the scenic view, the property also includes a swimming pool with a spa and a multifunctional gym. There is an underground car park where he keeps his superlative car collection.

Roger Federer mansion

According to reports, Federer built the house in Zurich as it has one of the lowest tax municipalities in Europe. Consequently, the town attracts the rich and famous. Many celebrities including F1 drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa have also built their house in the district.

Roger Federer looking forward

Roger Federer is the fifth-highest paid athlete in the world according to 2019 Forbes magazine. The 20-time Grand Slam champion earned $93.5 million last year of which $86 million came from endorsements and $7.5 million from prize money. He has won $124 million in prize money in his career and has a net worth of $450 million.

Roger Federer mansion develop