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Roger Federer Opens up on what he as been engaging with at home with wife Mirka, children



Roger and Mirka Federer and daughters

What does Roger Federer do when he is at home? The Swiss player is very useful for his wife Mirka and the whole family organization, despite he has some defects too. ‘I don’t know how to cook’, Federer admitted. ‘When I retire, I would like to learn.


Roger Federer Opens up on what he as been engaging with at home with wife Mirka, children
Cooking and skiing, that’s what I will do. There was always someone else cooking instead of me. At home, I am the one who clears and cleans the disasters made by children. One day I will cook for them.’ What is the rivalry match in tennis history that Federer would have liked to see live by paying the ticket? In May in Paris, the Swiss revealed it. ‘It would have been beautiful to see (Bjorn) Borg against (Pete) Sampras’, the 36-year-old said.

Roger Federer and wife teen

‘Sampras was my hero when I was growing up, Borg was unique because he made tennis popular. His story is even more fascinating because he retired early. He was the best teenager ever. With (Rafael) Nadal.’ Federer is a fair play lover: ‘In the years when I was being coached by Tony Roche, I was meeting his older friends, people who made history, and so he was telling me about Borg, (Arthur) Ashe and (Yannick) Noah’s lives.

Roger Federer youth with wife

So I learned, I fell in love with Rod Laver, who is the one we have to thank for the transition to professional tennis. I joined the Laver Cup organization, our earnings come from him.’

John Isner praises Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer
Novak Djokovic shaking

USA’s John Isner was happy to see President of ATP Player Council Novak Djokovic coming out with a clear plan of how to help lower-ranked players during the Tour suspension.

Isner, a 15-time ATP champion, is also on the ATP Player Council and he hopes Djokovic’s proposed plan will receive a pass. Djokovic, 32, proposed that each player ranked inside the top-100 donate from 5,000-30,000 to support player relief fund.

Novak Djokovic and young stars

The money gathered would be distributed to those players most affected by the Tour suspension. “I’m on the player council. So, we were all on a conference call when that idea was proposed and it’s something that the majority of players ranked in the Top 100 approve of,” Isner said, per

A part of the proposal was that top-5 players each donate 30,000 to player relief fund. Isner, ranked at No. 21, has praised Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer for the impact they have had on tennis. Several high-ranked players have publicly said they will be fine during the Tour suspension but expressed their fear that those lower-ranked players could face major financial struggles.

Rafael nadal & novak djokovic

“Of course, guys like Novak, Roger and Rafa, they’re doing just fine,” Isner said. “But, we all realize that the tour is more than just a hand full of players and that we have to help everyone out.” Isner, a former world No.

Roger Federer plays on court

9, enjoyed a solid season before the Tour got suspended. The American made two ATP semifinals this year in Auckland and Acapulco. .

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