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Roger Federer Is One Of The Best Frontrunners – Andy Roddick



Roger federer and Andy Roddick snap

The year 2006 was revelatory for Roger Federer. He was in the best form of his life and looked invincible.


In fact, he had surmassed an almost unbelievable win-loss record of 92-5. This included victories at the Australian Open, Wimbledon, US Open and the ATP Finals. The only grand slam that deluded Federer was the French Open which was being ruled by Rafael Nadal.

There were few who got to witness the wrath of Federer as harshly as Andy Roddick. If he had been born in any other era, he would have probably walked out with a lot more grand slams than he eventually did. He talked to Tennis Channel about the Roger Federer of 2006 who had an unparalleled dominance over tennis.

Andy Roddick

What did Andy Roddick say about the 2006 form of Roger Federer?
Andy Roddick believes that Roger Federer had mastered his game to a degree where it was impossible to catch up with him. He was simultaneously the best attacker and defender in tennis.

“That’s probably his height,” Roddick said, “I think simultaneously he was the best defender and aggressor at the same time.”

Andy Roddick

Andy Roddick was in the form of his life in the year 2006. A victory at the Cincinnati Open meant that he was the favorite to win his home grand slam. However, there was one big thorn in the way to success for the Cincinnati Open champion. Roger brushed him aside in four sets to claim the title. It certainly disappointed some hopeful American fans.

Roger Federer explain

“He’s one of the best frontrunners of all time,” Roddick added, “I was actually playing really well in the 2006 US Open final but all of a sudden after 15 minutes I was down a break and you just know he’s a downhill snowball.”

All you can do is say that Roddick was an unfortunate man. His grass-court record could have included some serious breakthroughs only if Roger Federer was not there. Do you think Andy Roddick would have won more grand slams in the absence of Roger Federer?

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