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Roger Federer: ‘I can just thank my wife Mirka, she has been amazing’



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In an interview Roger Federer spoke about his wife Mirka’s role on his success. The Basel native said: “We met at the 2000 Olympics. From my maiden title in 2001 Milan, she followed all the stages of my life and she always with me supporting me.



I can just thank her, she has been amazing.” Asked if he will play enough to beat Jimmy Connors’s 109 titles record, he replied: “Having goals motivates me. I achieved things that I never thought I would do. Being the oldest world No.

1 ever, it was amazing! If I manage to beat Jimmy Connors’s record, I would not say not, but it’s still very far… We do not win titles every week.” What will he do once he retires from the game? “Some trips with my family, but I think I will be happy to be in Switzerland with my children to find a certain norality.

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Otherwise, without exactly knowing what I will do, I would like to stay in tennis.” On Emmanuel Macron being his fan, Federer added: “I heard it. The French people loves tennis and your president is a fan of the game so it’s not definitely a surprise. I am emotional that he can be inspired by my outfit”, he laughed.

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Wife Mirka has a big role in Roger Federer’s success, says insider

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Matthew Ebden’s wife, Kim, spoke highly of Roger Federer’s wife Mirka. ‘She is like a superwoman, the way she does with two sets of twins and a tennis player husband. She definitely deserves to have a great role in their success.

Hat off! He is probably the greatest player of all time”, admitted Kim. Mirka gets often praised for being a supportive woman, but Federer is definitely amazing from a human point of view as well. The German Alexander Zverev recalled a conversation he had with the Swiss at the 2018 Australian Open following his loss to the South Korean Hyeon Chung.

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“That chat was more for then in that time. I was very upset about my third-round loss. Obviously played against Chung, who had an amazing week there. He played ridiculous, how he was moving, how he was playing. I had a tough match, another tough loss at a Grand Slam.

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He was more talking about that, that I shouldn’t get too upset. He made his first quarterfinal much later in his career, as well.” Marco Chiudinelli spoke about how his relationship with Federer has started: “We met when we were six.

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From the beginning, we were friends. We practiced together. The first time we played a real match was a tournament series in Switzerland. You play up to nine. I won that one. That was the only time I won. We had funny matches. We were very emotional.”

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