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Rafael Nadal’s Wife Very Upset With The Media As They Can’t Get Her Name, Birth Date Right



Rafael Nadal with wife smile

World No. 2 tennis star Rafael Nadal’s wife Maria Francisca Perello has revealed that the media often misreport her name and date of birth.



Mrs Nadal indicated that Mery is her real name. Also, her birthday is not on July 7

Mery has always stayed away from the media glare, but remains in the news for being Rafael’s better half.

In a recent interview to Spanish daily La Vanguardia, she said: “Well, nobody around me calls me Xisca. And my birthday is soon, I will surely spend it in confinement. But it is not in July. There is still a little time left…” she was quoted as saying by website.

Rafael Nadal and wife smiles

When asked about her interest in sports, she replied: “I exercise a lot, but always just for myself. Never seriously. I have played volleyball, done gymnastics, fitness and lately running. On vacation, I sometimes play paddle tennis with Rafael.”

Rafael Nadal and wife smiling

Mery, who is in self-isolation with Rafael in Mallorca, added: “We are confined like everyone else. We were very clear from Day One to train at home. We do rubber bands, push-ups, circuit…at least one hour a day in my case.”

Carlos Moya Suggests Rafael Nadal Lacks Motivation to Train During Quarantine
Rafael Nadal and wife

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic brought the tennis tour to a halt for an indefinite period. This led to a rise of uncertainty among the players as to when the season would restart. Consequently, Rafael Nadal, who is known for his mental strength, has also found it tough to adjust to the incertitude surrounding the resumption of the sport.

Week after week, a series of tournaments pack the tennis calendar. Hence, it is important for athletes to have some form of certainty about the calendar. However, the coronavirus shutdown has raised the dubiety regarding the tennis schedule.

Rafael Nadal smiling with wife

Carlos Moya jokes Rafael Nadal is trying to climb up the walls
The Spaniard’s coach, Carlos Moya, indicated that Rafa currently lacks the motivation to train at full tilt since he does not know when he will compete again. However, he’s trying to train physically every day even though he hasn’t been able to hit balls on a tennis court.

“He’s been trying to climb up the walls. It isn’t easy for someone that active. Although he hasn’t been able to play tennis, his physical trainer has been sending him routines. But it is hard mentally since you don’t know when you will play again,” Carlos Moya said in an interview with Jose Luis Clerc at ESPN.

Rafael nadal walk with wife

“For example, you may be told that in September there is a tournament, so you know what to be prepared for. But right now we don’t know anything and that mentally is hard,” he added.

“What motivation do you have to go to train and prepare yourself if you don’t know when you will be able to play? A tennis player is used to compete and do their best with a clear goal in mind. Hence, this is what makes it so hard,” Moya concluded.

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal was in a splendid form before the season came to an abrupt halt. The Mallorcan helped Spain reach the finals of the ATP Cup 2020. He also reached the semifinals of the Australian Open. Moreover, he clinched the title at the Mexican Open. Nadal will certainly hope to hit the courts soon to maintain his level and keep his body in good shape.