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Rafael Nadal’s Doctor Returns Home Safely After Fighting The Coronavirus



Rafael Nadal with doctor

The coronavirus has affected many countries. Spain is among those countries having registered over 150,000 cases of the coronavirus. The doctor who treated Rafael Nadal for his many injuries, Angel Ruiz Cotorro also tested positive for the virus. After many weeks of treatment, he has given some good news.


Rafael nadal

In this Twitter post, you can see that Rafa’s doctor has now returned home after being hospitalized for 17 days. He is currently following treatment at home and is going to be in isolation for 14 more days by protocol. Let’s hope he makes a full recovery.

Rafael Nadal play on court

Rafael Nadal And Angel Ruiz Cotorro
Rafael Nadal has been a regular patient of Angel Ruiz Cotorro as he has had so many injuries throughout his career. And thanks to his doctor’s treatment he has managed to return from each of these injuries in the strongest possible way.

Rafael Nadal

Clearly, Ruiz Cotorro has played an important role in Rafa’s career by keeping him healthy. Rafa will be forever grateful to him and will be happy that he is recovering well from the virus.

Rafael Nadal smile

While his doctor is recovering from the virus, Rafael Nadal is sitting at home with nothing to do. This is because the coronavirus pandemic has suspended the ATP tour. This will make tennis fans wonder – when is the ATP going to resume? Unfortunately, there is no clear answer.

Rafael Nadal

The suspension has been extended not once but twice. If the current situation does not improve, it is likely that we will not see any tennis this year. I am sure every tennis fan will be praying that the situation improves and that they can see the return of the ATP tour.

Rafael Nadal smiling

Rafael Nadal will certainly be praying for that as he wants the chance this year to equal Roger Federer’s record. Let’s hope he gets that opportunity and that he does not get injured in the process. If he does, his doctor will always be there for him.