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Rafael Nadal: ‘It’s important to keep head and body awaken’



Rafael Nadal walking

Former World number one, winner of 85 ATP titles including 12 editions of Roland Garros, 11 of Monte Carlo and Barcelona, Rafael Nadal is rightly considered the best tennis player in history on clay. Just think that, on this surface, the Spaniard has conquered over 90% of the matches played.


Nadal is a clay court specialist in the sense that he has been extremely successful on that surface. However, Rafa has shed that label owing to his success on other surfaces, including holding simultaneous Grand Slam tournament titles on grass, hard courts, and clay on two separate occasions, winning ten Masters series titles on hard court, and winning the Olympic gold medal on hardcourt.

Rafael Nadal

Despite praise for Nadal’s talent and skill, in the past, some had questioned his longevity in the sport, citing his build and playing style as conducive to injury. Nadal himself has admitted to the physical toll hard courts place on ATP Tour players, calling for a reevaluated tour schedule featuring fewer hard court tournaments.

This “longevity” narrative has proved to be inaccurate and pundits today admire his resilience. The former World number 1 revealed that he had begun taking his physical health seriously amidst the lazy months. “I’m trying each day to do some aerobic training to keep preparing.

Rafael Nadal

There are days when sometimes you don’t want to do anything. But I believe it is very important to keep the head and body awaken, so I think it’s vital to settle physical objectives with what each of us can and have at our disposal because we are all locked inside under different circumstances each of us.

Rafael Nadal speaking

But if we can, we need to make an effort to do some exercise each day. It will help us be more positive and leave this confinement a little less bad that is getting longer and harder. Sending a hug to everyone and cheering you to do a little bit of exercise each day” – the 19 time Grand Slam champion said.

“He Has Never Cooked For Me” – Rafael Nadal Unsure If Roger Federer Can Cook

Swiss Maestro Roger Federer has demonstrated his amazing skill at the sport of tennis throughout his career. But what other skill would be easy for him to learn, to add to this? Let’s hear Rafael Nadal answer this question in a recent Twitter post.

What Could Rafael Nadal Teach Easily?
In the Twitter post, a fan asked Rafael Nadal what would be easier for him to teach Roger Federer – the Spanish language, fishing, or cooking. Rafa answered the question based on Roger Federer’s current ability in each of the activities.

“The easiest thing to teach him would probably be fishing. After speaking with him, I know that he likes to go fishing with his kids to the lake so he probably has some experience with this.”

Rafael Nadal with team

Rafa did not stop there, he also talked about teaching Roger Federer Spanish and cooking. He said,

“Roger is trying to learn Spanish, he has tried speaking sometimes but I don’t know about cooking. He has never cooked for me before so I don’t know about his cooking abilities.”

This is probably Rafa’s way of telling Roger that he owes him a meal. Unfortunately, Roger won’t be able to cook him one for a while thanks to the coronavirus pandemic which has affected many people. The most disappointing effect of the virus, for tennis fans, is probably the suspension of the ATP Tour.

Andy Murray meet Rafael Nadal

Fans are currently sitting at home with no tennis to watch, wondering – when is the ATP Tour returning? Unfortunately, there is no clear answer because the suspension has already been extended twice. The Tour is scheduled to return in July, assuming the virus is contained by then.

Hopefully, we will not see another extension and can see Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer kick-off their rivalry once again. Let’s hope we can see them play some thrilling matches in the year 2020.