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Rafael Nadal Reveals the Most Important Moments of His Career



Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal is a player who plays every point as if his life depended on it. He wants to win it all, anywhere, always. This attitude has gone a long way in making the Spaniard’s career awesome.

Utter domination on clay and the Roland Garros also shows you his competitiveness. Any other player would have been bored of lifting the same trophy eight, ten, twelve times. Nadal probably wants 12 more.

Rafael Nadal

To me, he is perhaps the most difficult player to beat. He pushes his opponents to the edge physically and mentally. And even when someone does manage to beat him, they leave a part of themselves in that victory. It just takes something from you to beat a healthy Nadal.

Rafael Nadal remembers important moments from his career
So what do you look back at his career and remember the most? Aren’t you just spoilt for choice?

What does the titan himself look back at, and fondly remember the most? Somehow Rafa manages to quantify the most important moments in his career.

“My first Davis Cup in Sevilla, the final against USA was a very important moment. My first Roland Garros in 2005 as well, my first Grand Slam and the first time I won there.”

Nadal also cited his famous Wimbledon final victory against Roger Federer in 2008.

“Several reasons make Wimbledon 2008 a key moment in my career. I’d say the 2009 Australian Open was unexpected due to the way I arrived there, but it was very emotional. Then I’d say US Open 2013 was very special after coming back from a major knee injury that kept me off the court for 7 months. That made it one of the most fulfilling victories.”

The Spaniard sits just one Grand Slam behind the all-time men’s record holder Roger Federer. Currently on 19 Majors, most expect Nadal to equal his Swiss rival(rival? more like friend) at the 2020 Roland Garros.

Furthermore, he has won the Davis Cup 5 times with Spain. If all that wasn’t enough, Rafa also holds the record for most Masters 1000 titles with 35.

This overload of titles and records would faze anyone. I, for one, have enjoyed watching every bit of his career and hope to see much more in the following years.

“I am Not a Big Fan of Advices” – Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal

Tennis fans around the globe witnessed Rafael Nadal giving advice to his teammates at the 2019 Laver Cup. However, to everyone’s surprise, Nadal revealed that he is not very fond of advices and feels that it is better to have examples.

Nevertheless, the Spaniard had some words of wisdom for the budding players to balance their life and find the appropriate moment in every aspect of their life.

Rafael Nadal and kids

“It’s not only about playing tennis”: Rafael Nadal

The 33-year-old explained that the key for the young generation players to succeed is to live in the right moment and give their best in what they are doing.

“I am not a big fan of advices. I think it’s better the example but if I have to say one thing just, of course, have fun. At the same time, you have time for everything in this life. It’s not only about playing tennis and be 100% focus on tennis,” Nadal said in an interview during the opening of Rafa Nadal Academy in Kuwait.

Rafael Nadal

He further added: “It’s about to find the right moment for everything. When you are working, give your best in every single minute when you are on the court or in the fitness time. So when you are training, give your 100% in every single moment.

However, Nadal suggested that when you are away from the court and when you are a young person, you have to enjoy life, you have to play with friends, you have a big amount of time to enjoy life.

Rafael Nadal talk

“Kids have to enjoy life”: Nadal
The 19-time Grand Slam champion explained that it is essential to keep enjoying life in order to give the best on the court.

He thinks that’s an important message because sometimes families get too focus or too obsessed on trying to have their kids working like a professional when they are 12 or 13 years old. At this age, Rafael Nadal feels the kids have to enjoy life and when they are practicing try their best.

“However, away from that, they need to keep enjoying life because I think that is a key that helps them to give their best when they are on the court” Nadal concluded.

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