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“Rafael Nadal Has Strong Arms” – Novak Djokovic



Rafael Nadal

If we were to ever crown the strongest arms on the tennis tour, the award would probably go to Rafael Nadal. I think every tennis fan would agree to this and so does Novak Djokovic who complimented him for this in his recent talk with Chervin Jafarieh. Check it out



Novak Djokovic Compliments Rafa’s Biceps
As you can see in the above post, Chervin Jafarieh was wearing some sleeveless clothes. Novak Djokovic asked him about this and Chervin replied by saying that he is like trying to look like Rafael Nadal. Novak responded by saying, “Rafa has stronger arms than you but you are close.”

Rafael Nadal play ball

Rafa’s arms are the kind of arms you see on bodybuilders. He is the only player on the tour who’s arms are that big. And he always manages to maintain the size of his arms even during the off-season which is absolutely amazing. I think everybody will be wondering how he manages to do that.

Rafael Nadal play at academy

Rafael Nadal hasn’t revealed the workout he does to have such strong arms but hopefully, he will reveal it some time. He will probably be doing this workout and many such workouts to maintain his fitness as he has only one thing on his mind – becoming the GOAT of tennis.

To become the GOAT, Rafa has to hold one record – the most Grand Slam titles. This record is currently being held by Roger Federer but Rafa is not far behind. In fact, with his win at the 2019 US Open, Rafa is only one grand slam from equaling this record. He will definitely be waiting for the opportunity to do this.

Rafael Nadal

Unfortunately, that opportunity will only come after a while as the ATP Tour has been suspended due to the coronavirus. It scheduled to return in July assuming the virus is contained by then. Hopefully, it will be and Rafa will get the opportunity to finally become the GOAT.

Rafael Nadal