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Now, Serena Williams ‘Thankful’ For Her ‘Thick’ Figure More Than Ever



Serena Williams near

American tennis star Serena Williams felt her physique was not acceptable during her younger days but has learnt to appreciate it now. The 23-time Grand Slam champion felt her tennis player sister, Venus, who has a thin frame, was seen to have an acceptable figure.



“When I was growing up, what was celebrated was different. Venus looked more like what is really acceptable.

serena williams in red thick figure

She has incredibly long legs, she’s thin. I didn’t see people on TV that looked like me, who were thick. There wasn’t positive body image. It was a different age,” Serena told British fashion magazine, Vogue.

serena williams in red thick figure

Now, Serena feels her physique is the reason for her achievements on the court. “How amazing that my body has been able to give me the career that I’ve had, and I’m really thankful for it. I only wish I had been thankful sooner,” she added.