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“Now It’s a Good Time” – Andy Murray Advices Rafael Nadal to Have Kids



Rafael Nadal and wife smile

Tennis greats Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Andy Murray got along on Monday evening, and Rafa exchanged a few words with Federer and Murray, and all his fans were witnessing their priceless conservations. The Spaniard ace Nadal was hosting the talk show and began speaking to Roger and then switched to Andy.



Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray greet

The Brit told Rafa that at present he can sleep comfortably at night since he doesn’t have any children. Murray being a father of three kids knows the efforts behind taking care of them, especially at night.

Andy Murray meet Rafael Nadal

Leading to that, the duo broke into a little personal conservation, and the Brit advised him to start a family. “Enjoy your late nights while you don’t have kids,” Murray said. Following Andy’s advice, the 19-time Grand Slam champion sounded a bit optimistic and hopes to become a father soon.

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer smile

Nadal replied with a smile and said, “I hope to be in your situation in a not very long period of time…”

Murray: “Well now is a good time because we’re at home with the family all the time…”

Nadal: “You never know, you never know!”

Rafa got married to his longtime girlfriend Xisca Perelló in October 2019. Their wedding took place in Nadal’s hometown in Mallorca, Spain.

Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray greet

Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal on Virtual Madrid Open
Grand Slam champions Murray and Nadal also talked about their preparations for the virtual Madrid Open. “I played last night and I chose to play as you on clay. We, so me and you, were playing unbelievable but after a set your guy was unbelievably tired — and I never saw you get tired after a set!” Murray addressed the Spaniard.

Rafael Nadal in thought

While setting up the session Nadal was lost in the Instagram functions and was struggling to switch screens. After coming across Rafa’s helplessness on technology, Murray commented, “This is brilliant…He can win 52 French Open but not work on Instagram.”