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“Novak Djokovic Will Have to be Vaccinated” – Rafael Nadal



Rafael Nadal

World No.2 Rafael Nadal believes that his arch-rival Novak Djokovic would have to take an anti-coronavirus vaccine in the future if he wants to continue playing tennis at the highest level.


The Spaniard suggested that Djokovic would not have any choice if the vaccine becomes compulsory for traveling after the tour resumes.

Rafael nadal & novak djokovic

Recently, Djokovic admitted he is an anti-vaxxer. He opposed a future coronavirus vaccination if it becomes mandatory to travel once the pandemic subsides. The Serb explained that he wouldn’t want to be forced by someone to take a vaccine in order to be able to travel.

Rafael Nadal & Novak Djokovic snap

“It is a matter of following the rules” – Rafael Nadal
Consequently, Nadal suggested that everyone has the freedom to use the vaccine or not. However, as a part of the tour, Djokovic will have to abide by the rules of the circuit.

Rafael nadal & novak djokovic

“I do not know. I am nobody. No one can demand of anyone. Each one is free. But the truth is if you belong to a circuit, perhaps one has to be governed by the rules that the circuit requires,” Nadal said in an interview to La Voz de Galicia.

“So if the tour obliges to vaccinate to be able to travel in order to protect everyone, Djokovic will have to be vaccinated if he wants to continue playing tennis at the highest level,” he continued.

Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal

“I mean him, but everyone, me too. Each one will have to comply exactly like now we have to stay home. If the ATP or the ITF forces us to get a vaccine to play tennis, then we will have to get it. Just as we have restrictions on not taking too many medications for obvious doping control issues. It is a matter of following the rules,” Nadal concluded.

Rafael nadal & novak djokovic

The anti-coronavirus vaccine is still not made. However, it will be interesting to see Djokovic’s vaccination stance once it is ready.

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